Apr 30, 2013

Mini-Golf for the Mini-Me

Product Review

If there is one sport that both di-di and I love playing together, it will have to be the one which sees us having to frantically hit a small ball into a hole some distance away. Or otherwise known as Golf.

Well, actually it's mini golf and if we had our way, we would love to go to putt a few balls every now and then at the mini golf course. Turns out that the our prayers were answered and the golf course came to us instead.

The myminigolf is a crossover golf game where one can play almost anywhere. Just place the obstacles randomly on the ground and its game on!

The beauty of the golf set is one can change the configurations of the golf course so that you can change the game up each time you play. And as you get better, you can even make the game a little more challenging.

Di-di and I had so much fun putting on the grass that Daddy sought to 'borrow' my club. Hmph.

myminigolf was developed as a learning tool for young people to teach some of the basic skills in putting, while keeping the putting practice both kid-friendly and fun for all.

The obstacle pieces are made in Germany and out of ABS Plastic which makes it hard and durable - definitely capable of withstanding mei-mei's rough handling I'm sure.

We love it how the mini golf set can played on almost every level surface, be it grass, tarmac, carpet or parquet floors. So yes, it would make a great time-filler too on rainy days when we have to be cooped up at home.

Ayd got a hole-in-one!
Too bad we couldn't lug the set home to try... but we certainly did enjoy our time hitting some balls. So Daddy, it'll be the actual greens next I reckon? Heh.

myminigolf is available for rental for birthday parties and other events, as well as for purchase. For rates and more information, visit www.myminigolfparty.com

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elderflowertea said...

Nice blog =)

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi may i know where can i get this? The link seems to be broken, i cant access the URL.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Wylie,

Sorry for my late reply!

I think the company has closed down. :(

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