Apr 22, 2013

The All-new Hokey Pokey

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It has been slightly over a year since we last paid a visit. And some things have since changed, but what definitely hasn't is Ale's love for the entire place.

Say hello to the new Hokey Pokey.

New, because it has relocated from its previous premises at Suntec City to Millenia Walk. Suntec City is currently undergoing major renovations and Hokey Pokey would have to face an extremely long closing period, not to mention possibly higher rental increase too, if they were to stay put.

And so, the 5 Mummy co-owners made the decision to shift to the new location back last month.

The fantastic thing about the big move is that everything you had loved at the old Hokey Pokey is still here but even bigger!

Remember what I had said in my previous review of the old premises about imagining walking into a toy store and getting to pick whatever educational plaything without a single objection? 

That still holds true at the new location, with ALL the toys that ALL toddlers love being wondrously scattered around the indoor playground.

Ale definitely was the one going bonkers over the many choices of toys that she could lay her hands on.

I could rave about the dream-come-true doll-house that had Ale captivated, but you probably expected that already.

Or I could go on and on about the mandatory foam slide which sent her plummeting down to a giant ball pit.

But you would have also possibly guessed how much joy she derived from it.

Or for the 2 boys, for that matter.

Well, it turned out that they derived far greater joy in trying to attack my camera with ammunition that came in the form of colourful balls.

That was the most exciting activity for them, I think. Because in keeping with Hokey Pokey's mission of providing an indoor playground that is truly dedicated to the younger toddlers (6 months to 6 years old), there are no climbing structures, tall twirling slides or flying fox apparatus to induce adrenalin.

But that wasn't to say that Ash and Ayd were bored stiff.

One huge factor has got a be this new addition to the playground - an absolute kick-ass Castle playset.

I have never played with such a well-stocked, well-equipped castle-themed playset in my entire life. Ditto for the boys. The playset came with loads of characters, monsters, weapons, catapults and even trapdoors in the castle. So it wasn't any wonder that the boys spent a chunk of their time at Hokey Pokey hogging this playset.

And while the boys were busy vanquishing monsters and ogres, Ale was having a tough time deciding on her mode of transport.

She eventually settled on a 2-wheeler... which probably made sense since it would get her to the next intended play stop in a far quicker time.

And that would be the dress-up play corner...

Where she very obediently morphed into the exceedingly cute Mickey Mouse Transformer.

Photos taken with LG Optimus G

I surmise it would be safe to say that all three monkies thoroughly enjoyed the two hours we spent at Hokey Pokey then.

Even the wifey couldn't resist sneaking a play too! Heh.

So yes, the new play premises is bigger and better than before but what's even greater news is that Hokey Pokey now has a dedicated party room.

Previously, the party area was part of the play area and come birthday parties time, a portion of the playground has to be cordoned off which was quite disruptive to the rest of the patrons. Now, the kids can go all bonkers within the four walls of the party room!

Parents, on the other hand, can still sit down at the rest area while casting a watchful eye over the kids.

Which is great news for me, since I wouldn't want to be taking up space in the ballpit all the time.

We spent close to two hours at Hokey Pokey and when the time came for us to exit, the inevitable 'HARRRR???' was exclaimed.

I take it as proof that all three of them had enjoyed their time then.

If you are thinking of taking your kids down to the new Hokey Pokey, you will be glad to know that the admission fees have not been jacked up! The same pricing structure and fees remain... definitely good news!

Thanks once again to Hokey Pokey for inviting us down!

Useful Information:

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #02-42/43/44/45, Singapore 039596
Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 10 am - 7 pm | Fri - Sat: 10 am - 9 pm | Sun: 10am - 7pm
Tel: 6884 5385
Weekday rate (unlimited play): $25 per child (non-member) | $15 (member)
Weekend rate (2 hours playtime):  $25 per child (non-member)| $15 (member)
Subsequent additional hour rate at $8 (non-member) and $6 (member).
Membership fee: $50
Parking info: Park at Basement 1 of Millenia Walk. The lift there leads straight to the playground. Basement 2 does not have direct access to a lift.

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cre8tone said...

This is so fun!~

Susan said...

Nice seeing you and your family on Saturday. This sure looks much bigger than their previous premise at Suntec. Sophie would love it :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Susan,

Great to have finally met you and family in person too! The things that Sophie said on Saturday definitely tickled me lots! Haha. :)

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