May 6, 2013

Blast Off with Swensen's!

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My fondest memory of Swensen's was going with my parents as a kid and ordering their kick-ass 'Earthquake' ice cream sundae. It was always a special occasion going to Swensen's - after exams, Christmas dinner or Birthday celebrations - and one that I look forward to with relish when growing up.

I'm not sure what it was. The vintage tiffany lamps? The delicious ice cream sundaes? The kitschy 80's decor then? But one thing's for sure - dining at Swensen's had been part of my childhood and now with the launch of its newest Space Adventure Kids Meal, I suspect it will be the monkies' too.

With Swensen's Space Adventure Kid's Meal, children can covet their favourite entrées, healthy
side snacks and a wholesome fruit juice - all for just $9.50.

Kids will be able to choose from seven main courses - ranging from rice, macaroni, spaghetti, burger, fish fillets, chicken strips - and mix & match them with a corn-in-cup and wash it all down with either soft drink, apple juice, orange juice, or for just $1.50, upgrade to Qoo Fuji Apple or White Grape.

With so many choices, it wasn't any wonder that Ash had a tough time on finalizing his main course.

He finally settled on the Creamy Stewy Rice, while Ayd ordered the Chop-Chop Chicken Macaroni.

Needless to say, the sight of their meals arriving in a specially-designed Spaceship thrilled them to no end. Why can't adults' meals look like that too???

The Creamy Stewy Rice is savoury rice served in a white cream sauce with chicken cubes and vegetables while the Chop-Chop Chicken Macaroni came tossed in tomato sauce, sprinkled with chopped chicken strips and roasted parmesan cheese.

I can't tell you how the food tasted because well, the monkies walloped every single bit before I could ask for a sample morsel. Drats.

And what is a trip to Swensen's without ice cream? For a top-up amount of $2.90, kids can score a Treasure Chest sundae or a Coit Tower Junior. My boys will tell you that the former is more value for money, all because they get to pick 4 flavours of their own!

The final treat of the day came in the form of a kid's activity sheet, which comes free with every Swensen's Space Adventure Kid's Meal. Navigate through a starry maze, search for clues among the stars, locate dear Remy the reindeer who got lost in the Milky Way and complete loads of other colouring and fun activities - definitely a much better option than the iPhone or iPad, no?

The monkies definitely had a blast, thanks to Space Adventure Kids Meals. And a big thank to Swensen's for the kind invitation too! For more information on the Kids Meals, visit

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