May 13, 2013

How to Fly a Kite with your Kids

(Daddy goes fly kite)

It has been quite a while since we last brought the kids to fly some kites. So the wifey and I thought it would make a great weekend outing that we packed our breakfast and had a picnic at Marina Barrage to indulge in some good old kite flying fun.

Luckily for us, the weather was superb with a hint of light breeze against our faces. Of course, the boys couldn't wait to get their kites soaring into the sky but initially, we had a tough time trying to give the kites a decent lift-off... no thanks to the inconsistent stream of wind.

Truth be told, I had never flown a kite when I was little. So whatever kite-flying experience I had, I share that same amount with my boys. And seeing how little success we had in trying to launch the kites up into the sky, I turned to my best friend in times of need - Google.

And this what I gleaned off from the wonderful world of the Internet.

There are tons of different types of kits in the market but for beginners like us, we only need to know about the 2 most common types: the delta kite (triangle shaped) and the diamond kite. Both are fairly easy to fly.

As for big or small kites, there isn't a straight-forward answer. A bigger kite will need less wind to get going, but it will have a lot of pull. So on more windy days, children might have a hard time hanging on. Small kites will be easier to manage once they're in the air, but might need a little more patience to get started.

Photo taken with LG Optimus G

And once you have your kite, find a wide-open space at least the size of a soccer field. Have your child hold his kite out in front of him with his back to the wind. On more windy days, the kite should automatically catch the wind and practically fly itself.

If the wind isn't quite that strong, have your child hold the line while you walk the kite about 10-15 metres away and keeping the line taut too. Throw the kite straight up while getting him to quickly pull the line in at the same time. This will create the wind you need, much like running, but with a little more stability. As the kite gains altitude, have him slowly unravel the line and watch it soar.

Okay, I know it sounds really easy reading and I will be the first one to admit that the actual task of flying a kite is way harder than googling for it. But patience is key and after a few failed attempts, Ale's $4.90 princess kite was soaring happily in the sky!

Photo taken with LG Optimus G

So cheap kites do fly really well too. And with Ale's success, her 2 older brothers were all the more inspired and determined to do the same as well.

And so they did. :)

I’ll tell you, there is something incredibly relaxing about that kite flying. Not to mention the fact that kite-flying seemed like such a classic father-son thing to do and an excellent choice for family bonding too!

So you can be certain we will do it again sometime soon. :)

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thedeadcockroach said...

Looks like good fun! Where did you buy the spidey kite? I like that!

Cheekiemonkies said...

We got it from Only $8.90! :D

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