May 8, 2013

Sweet Treat for Mummy

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Since it was the wifey's birthday yesterday, I took the chance to re-read some of the past birthday celebration entries I had penned over the years. And I came across one such post when Ash was 3.5 years old and we had conspired to surprise the wifey with the birthday cake the moment she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ash, being the innocent wide-eyed boy then, promptly went into the bathroom and told his Mummy...

ASH: Later you come out, I will say SURPRISE!
ASH: Because it's your birthday and got cake.


This time around though, we were surprised by BreadTalk instead who had kindly sent us one of their Mother's Day cakes. And obviously, it came in real handy.

This 'Love Mom' cake must have easily been of the cheeriest cake I have ever come across. And like me, the wifey also loved the sunshine yellow top complete with cute flowers and grass all around.

The cake comes layered with yoghurt cereal and vanilla chiffon cake, a combination which I found to be marvelously refreshing. The sweet vanilla and sour yoghurt struck a fine balance and complemented each other really well.

Definitely one of the more unique-tasting cakes that the wifey and I had tasted and we both loved it!

If you prefer something sweeter, there is the 'Rosy MOMents' cake which comes layered with red bean and green tea chiffon. Check out the flyer below for more promotional details!

Thanks once again to BreadTalk for the sweet treat! :)

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