Jun 3, 2013

Clara's Craft Party

Ever since our last visit to Eatplaylove Cafe, di-di and I - actually it was di-di who is the more vocal one, I'm just the seconder - have been (gently) reminding Daddy & Mummy to bring us back again for another round of crafting session. And in case it isn't obvious... yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our last outing there.

So it is our great fortune that Clara's Mummy reads our blog. Because Clara, who is one of our all-time best buddies by the way, turned eight last month and she was looking for a kick-ass venue to throw a Birthday Party. Without a doubt, Eatplaylove Cafe was the unanimous choice.

Cue jumping-up-and-down and other forms of wild celebrations by di-di and me.

I think the Birthday Girl was in pretty high spirits herself, no?

The good thing about such parties is that adults can sit back and indulge in their meals while we kids go about crafting non-stop. So I guess it definitely made everyone happy!

And during our course of churning our new works of art, di-di & I spied a previous craft that we had made the last time when we were there!

Click HERE to read Daddy's previous review of the place but even then, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how much fun all of us had during the 2-hour craft session.

And when our time at the craft table was finally up, there was still the small matter of cutting the Birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Clara! Thanks for inviting us, and we hope that you had enjoyed your Birthday Party. We obviously did!:)

Gotta love mei-mei's pose huh?

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street, Aliwal Arts Centre, #01-07
Singapore 199918
Opening hours: 12pm - 10pm daily except Tues
Tel: 6444 6400
Website: http://www.facebook.com/eatplaylovealiwal
For more details on Party Packages, visit HERE.


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cre8tone said...

Such a lovely place! Too bad they don't have any branches in Malaysia..

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