Jun 11, 2013

Dancing Dinosaurs

Media Invite
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You know what they say about that purplish dinosaur and your imagination. 

It only appears when you close your eyes, furrow those eyebrows and imagine away. Fingers optional.

And true to hearsay, Barney - who has got to be the friendliest T-Rex around - appeared on the stage at City Square Mall... to rapturous cheers and thunderous applause by all kids present. Although I believe parents were joining in the fervent clapping as well, as it signaled an end to all the waiting.

That's right - from now until 16 June 2013, Barney will be prancing and singing at City Square Mall in a 'LIVE' performance show that is bound to get all kids who are fans of this rotund tyrannosaurid all dizzy and excited.

And to triple that excitement, Barney's friends joined in all the fun on stage as well!

Much to Ale's delight of course - her fave is BJ by the way - who was kindly invited down for a singalong and dance-along session last Friday.

And sang and danced along she gladly did.

There's something about Barney and his friends that seem to capture the hearts of all kids. Ash was the same, ditto for Ayd and now Ale too.

Yup, that's three. All 3 kena.

Perhaps it is their levitation skills?

Whatever it is, the show was over all too soon for Ale and she reluctantly bade them farewell.

Her verdict? I would think she thoroughly enjoyed the show, since she recognised all of the chart-topping ditties that were performed.

And as a bonus treat, she got to snap a photo together with the trio of dinosaurs as well... which she proudly declared that she would pose with them on stage alone.

In case you are wondering, both Ash & Ayd were busy accompanying their Mummy on a shopping spree in City Square Mall. Which is a good idea too if you are are intending to redeem a Meet & Greet pass with Barney and friends. $50 (max. 3 same-day receipts) gets you one pass and there are only 50 passes redeemable for each show.

But if the Great Singapore Sale bug has gotten to you, then a $200 spend will get you a Sure-Win Lucky Spin with vouchers and a Barney Bath towel up for grabs!

Barney not your thing? Then check out these other activities that will be happening at City Square Mall in the month of June!

Useful Information

Let's Celebrate with Barney & Friends
7 - 16 June 2013 (except 10 Jun)
Tue - Fri: 4pm & 7pm | Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
City Square Mall, L1 Atrium
Redeem a Meet & Greet pass 45 mins prior to a show with $50 spent.
50 passes available for each show.

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