Aug 13, 2013

Creativity in a Box

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I have nothing against gadgets like iPads and iPhones. In fact, they come in really handy in the world that we live in today and quite frankly, the monkies adore them too. Perhaps a little too much for both the wifey and my liking at times.

As with all other things in life, the key word is of course moderation. Granted that these electronic devices will no doubt be more intertwined with our daily activities in future, sometimes it is just as important that we expose our kids to other forms of sensory experiences - experiences like grabbing an actual paintbrush, cutting through a piece of coloured paper or quite simply, getting their fingers dirty with ink and paint.

But one can only get his or her fingers dirty with paint that many times before getting bored. And I could have sworn seeing some of my healthy black hair turn grey just to brainstorm some art projects for the monkies. 

Well, turns out that help is now readily available with a click of the mouse - thanks to a project box from KinderHands.

A KinderHands Project Box contains two to three curated projects related to a central theme - ours came packed with MONSTERS projects!

For each theme, there are two box formats available to suit every parent's needs. The Project Box is pretty straightforward and comes with just the materials one would need for the projects.

The Book Box though, comes with all the materials you need for the projects PLUS the recommended book in line with the box's theme. This is that so that the book is able to tie in together with the projects and hopefully inspire the child’s interest in the theme and incorporate literacy for a holistic learning experience.

Sounds all good, but what about the actual projects?

Project #1 is titled Monster Bells Sing-along, where kids are tasked with beads threading to create colourful bracelets with bells. Ale wanted to try that out but she was overruled by her 2 brothers who deemed it to be a little too girly for their liking.

Looks like this would have to be a future Daddy-and-daughter or Mummy-and-daughter exclusive bonding time activity then.

Project #2 is Monster Munchies, where kids will be able to punch out a Monster figurine from a piece of bread using the cookie cutter. Candy eyeballs are included as well, but kids are free to throw on whatever other edible decorations they can lay their hands on.

Definitely a fun way to spend breakfast time during the weekend, if you ask me. But that was before the monkies spied Project #3.

Never one to pass up on making their very own monsters, both Ash and Ayd clamoured to get started on the ​'Create Your Own Monster Face Puppet And Story Tell' activity immediately. And Ale being the devout wide-eyed little groupie, duly followed.

There were felt cloths of various colours, coupled with an ample dose of velcro for putting the face of the monsters together.

And considering we had only one project pack, I must say the monkies did mightily well to spawn three different monsters!

I love how each project came individually packed with detailed photographic instructions and required materials. And I can't fault its convenience factor too. Imagine if I had to brainstorm project ideas, make a mad dash to various stores to buy the materials before finally settling down to do the projects with the monkies! So I am just thankful that KinderHands has eliminated the time and hassle of preparation so that we parents can just focus on the important bit of spending quality time with our kids.


And if you want try out KinderHands for yourself as well, here's your chance... because KinderHands is giving away a project box to 1 lucky reader!

All you have to do is to 'Like' KinderHands' Facebook page. Leave a comment either in this blog post or on the Facebook post of this blog entry HERE and tell us what is your favourite art and craft activity with your child.

Giveaway will close on 19 August 2013, 2359hrs and results will be announced on Facebook on 20 August 2013. The giveaway is open to everyone with a valid Singapore Address for delivery.


Congratulations to EVELYN LIM! You have won  a Project Box courtesy of KinderHands!

Kindly email me at kelvin(at) by 23 August 2013 with your Name and Contact Number, else the prize will be forfeited.


The KinderHands Project Box is recommended for children aged 3-7 years old. Orders can be placed online. Prices start from $29.90 per box onwards. For more details, visit

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jingxian said...

Our favourite art and craft activity is to recycle materials such as toilet rolls, cereal box, etc and make various kinds of craft work. Most importantly, let the kids hands on and enjoy the artwork experience.

Carol Mei Mei said...

we like to recycle common household materials and resources to create fish, vehicles, miniature furniture etc. we also like to washi and sticker freely!!

Dexter Ong said...

My son loves to use toilet rolls, boxes and other recyclable items to make robots!

Jolin said...

My 2yo favourite is painting, gluing things and simply tearing up papers.

Megan Yeo said...

My 6yrs old girl likes origami and chinese paper cutting.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks all for your entries thus far! Good luck! :)

Crystal Tan said...

Our favourite craft activity is creating interesting anything with play dough.

min~* said...

veggie print pictures! :) makes kids love and appreciate their veggies way more.

Nicole said...

Hi there,

I've just started a family myself (The latest addition is my hubby, no kids yet!)

If you ever have time off from chasing the kids around, check out my blog at


KE said...

Our current favourite art and craft activity is creating different stuff using beads. We use them to make pretty flowers and letters of names!

Tze Yin said...

my son and I love to paint!

clarenee said...

Finger painting is my 2 year old daughter's favourite thing to do. We really enjoy such beautiful moments doing art and craft together.

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