Aug 26, 2013

Dads & Kids Cookin’ Together

(Daddy cooks)

For many parents, having kids in the kitchen conjures up images of splattering sticky mess from floor to ceiling or to put it simply - a war zone. But it does not have to be that way. Putting your kids in the kitchen can be safe and fun for everyone.

And there are lots of reasons why parents - and especially Dads - should cook with their kids. First of all, it's fun... if you can get over the fact that half the flour in the cupcake recipe will end up on the floor. In all seriousness though, not only can getting kids into the kitchen teach basic cooking skills, math skills, reading skills and safety, increase confidence, and help improve picky eating habits, but making a meal together offers a prime opportunity for family bonding.

Okay okay, so in between hectic workweeks and piles of homework, we are often tempted to just whip up something quick and mindless or resort to takeaways instead of having to explain and delegate while we cook.

But you know something? Cooking with your kids does not have to be a major production. And it is with this in mind that Electrolux has teamed up with MediaCorp actor and host, Ben Yeo to produce a series of four cooking videos. Titled “What’s Cookin’ Daddy!”, each episode introduces a delicious and nutritious recipe suitable for the family and even the culinary-challenged.

Each episode is only about 3 minutes long, with a new episode being broadcast every Thursday at 10am. The first episode was aired last Thursday where Ben introduced a breakfast dish perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings - Egg Cupcakes!

Download the recipe HERE (pdf).

I love it how it is so simple for even kids to get involved and prepare the dish too. In fact, I think this will no doubt surpass the previous effort by Ash & Ayd where they dabbled in some ham and omelette cooking for Mother's Day!

As an added bonus, stand to win Ben’s new cookbook, “这样煮,宝宝才爱吃” and Electrolux appliances by answering a simple question (5 winners each week) at Electrolux's Facebook Giveaway page! Be sure to 'Like' Electrolux's Facebook page too to be kept updated on the new “What’s Cookin’ Daddy!” episodes each week.

So get ready to have a fun-filled time with your kids in the kitchen, because let’s face it - if the kids can cook, it has got to be a good thing for the whole family in the long run. How great will it be for them to cook for us in the future?

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