Aug 22, 2013

It’s time to shop, shop, shop

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It was only after I became a parent that I realised how much I loved shopping for kids' clothes! I can balk at paying more than $60 for a pair of jeans for myself, but yet have no qualms dishing out the same amount for a smaller pair of jeans for my kids. Silly I know, especially since one pair of my jeans can easily spawn at least 6 pairs of kids jeans - and that's a conservative estimate.

So to go easy on my wallet, I make it a point to go for kids clothes that are not only well-designed and of good quality, but also provide value for money. And for the past few years, FOX Kids & Baby stores have sort of become a regular haunt for the wifey and I, where we stock up clothes for the monkies.

In fact, our patronage at FOX Kids & Baby started waaaay back in 2005 when Ash was still a teeny weeny infant. And I've got the photos to prove it.

Yea I know, I don't do colour-matching on babies too well back then. Well it comes with experience you see, though I admit that these days, the boys are getting more vocal in dictating the clothes that they wear.

So it was a good thing too that FOX Kids & Baby approached the monkies for a collaboration, which gave them a legitimate reason to pick out the clothes that they fancy in the shop!

I might be wrong, but this must have been one of the rare instances where the boys were clamouring for me to snap photos of them. Even Ale couldn't resist joining in the fashion show!

After some meticulous browsing, she was immediately in love with their range of cartoon tees. After all, who can say no to Disney characters (and at $25 for 2 pieces at that)?

No, Ayd wasn't about to choose a Minnie top for himself. He was actually in love with another Disney character - Phineas & Ferb - and it was exactly this tee that became the first to enter his shopping basket.

Ditto for Ash who gunned for Perry the Platypus from the same Phineas & Ferb cartoon series. Ale, though chose to stay faithful to Minnie.

We had visited the FOX Kids & Baby outlet at JEM Shopping Mall and thank goodness it was rather spacious - enough for the monkies to create a ruckus in the fitting rooms!

And after all the trying-ons and mulling, this was the loot we had to show for in the end.

In addition to the Phineas & Ferb tees, we picked out 2 striped pullovers - which would come in handy in slightly cooler climates - and 2 pairs of oh-so-comfy linen bottoms. As for the lady, the wifey picked out a gorgeous retro-looking polka-dot dress, romper and a pair of floral jeans. Oh, and not forgetting the Minnie top which Ale refused to let go while in the shop.

What of the bill? It came up to about $100 per monkie - not too bad considering the number of pieces that each of them received.

There are tons of other collections that I have not showcased but you can see the brand new Fall Winter 2013 Collection here. Better yet, head on down to your nearest FOX Kid & Baby outlet to see the entire collection up close!

Stay tuned too, as we continue to bring you the latest news and promotions from FOX Kids & Baby in the coming months!

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