Aug 24, 2013

Media Feature: Sydney Travel in Scoot Supplement

(Daddy blogs)

If you have gotten your copy of The Sunday Times last week, you might have come across some familiar faces in the Scoot Supplement that came with it as well.

Yes, that's us - showcasing the best that Sydney has to offer for families with young tots. So if you are planning for a holiday in Sydney and its surrounds, do click on the picture above to read what I have to share!

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Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog and I love reading it. I used to expect my kids to smile at the camera and feel unhappy when they dont. When i saw those natural shots u took of ur kids, be it they are moody, making funny faces or crying, it amuse me. Ur blog reminded me its just part of them growing up and to treasure every moment. I hope im not too late with my boy (4yrs) and gal(2yrs). Thanks to u, Im motivated to bring them out more often. Thanks.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by and for your extremely kind words too!

Times with the kids always consist of both good and bad. We as parents will miss both the good and bad as the kids slowly grow up to be independent individuals. So you are right - treasure every moment with them! :)

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