Sep 13, 2013

Ain't nobody gonna mess with her

(Daddy blogs)

Ale will turn 3 years old in just under 1.5 months and if there is something that she has long surpassed her 2 older brothers when they were at her age, it has got to be her great vocabulary.

Obviously, she has benefited from having 2 older siblings yakking in front of her non-stop on a daily basis but there is something more to her that belies the fact that she has not even turned 3 years old yet - like her inquisitiveness, curiosity and the blatant use of 'whys'.

Ale: What you do today, Papa?
Me: Well, Papa went to work today. (Why I speak in third person as a parent is beyond me)
Ale: Why you go to work?
Me: Papa has to go to work to earn money.
Ale: But why?
Me: (This is getting interesting) Well, Papa needs to earn money to buy things.
Ale: Why?
Me: Because to buy the things we have like your clothes, toys, the food we eat, they all cost money.
Ale: But why?
Me: (takes a deep breath) Because we live in a Capitalist society where we exchange currency in return for goods and services. Papa goes to work and provides a service to his company in exchange for money so that I am able to buy the things we need and want with that money.
Ale: Uhm, okay.

Yes, my brain has been fried so many times over that it seems as though I have been interrogated by ISD. And more often than not, I am the one who blinks first.

Me: Dear, would you please put your shoes on? 
Ale: No
Me: Sweetheart, I’m asking you nicely to put your shoes on now.
Ale: No
Me: Look, we need to leave now and in order to do so you are going to have to put your shoes on. 
Ale: No
Me: Am I going to have to help you or are you going to do it yourself like a big girl? 
Ale: No
Me: If you don’t put your shoes on right now I’m going to take your soft toy away!
Ale: No
Me: I’m not kidding around, I will take that soft toy away!
Ale: No
Me: Don’t even make me count to 3!
Ale: No
Me: FINE! I’ll buy you a lollipop afterwards.
Ale: Okay.

And if she isn't her stubborn self, then it would have to be the art of taunting that she had perfected as well.

(Playing with her 2 brothers over a racing game on the iPad)
Ale: Kor-kor, why you hit my car?
Ash: It's a race. Accidents happen.
Ale: Wait til I catch up with you, kor-kor!
(A while later)
Ale: Haha! I caught you. Now you will never catch me!
Ash: ...
Ale: Why you so slow, kor-kor???
Ash: (shakes head)

And this is her at barely 3 years old??

I am in so much trouble!

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