Sep 11, 2013

Cheekiemonkies in the Studio

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(Daddy says cheese!)

In case it isn't obvious enough, let me just say that I love photos of my family. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Most of the time though, I was (or still am) the one who is behind the lens all these while which meant that we seldom have the full family photo portrait shots in my collection. So with our last family photoshoot being last year and seeing how Ale has since grown more than a few strands of hair since then, the perfect chance for us to update our family portrait (and me to put down my camera for once) came in the form of Orange Studios.

Orange Studios is a family-oriented photo studio, with its core strength clearly lies in photographing kids, babies, newborns, expecting mums and even, pets! Although it is a newly set up studio, Ryan - the photographer, or better known as the towkay - has amassed extensive experience in family photography over the years. I found out that passion has led him to start his own studio with a vision in bringing family photography to a whole new level.

And passion was exactly what I felt, some two days before our designated photoshoot date. Ryan does not advocate a chop-chop photo session where the entire family just troops down to the studio, smiles, poses and goes home to wait for the photos. Instead, he makes it a point to call each individual family a few days before the shoot to have a discussion on the direction of the shoot in order to make the photoshoot more personalised and interesting.

And yes, those are the monkies' NERF guns that we brought along for the shoot. The thing about having a photoshoot with Orange Studios is that there absolutely no props provided - instead, families are encouraged to bring along items (and/or toys) that depict activities that they love to do and play together. And when it comes to photo sessions with kids who are capable of drastic mood swings or extreme shyness, we all know how important the sense of familiarity of one's own stuff or toys can bring.

Not that the monkies needed any invitation in hamming up for the camera actually. You know how sometimes it can seem to be extremely harzardous to one's health to ask your own kids to look at the camera, never mind smile? Yes, those can-vomit-blood moments. So come photoshoot time, I was pleased to allow Ryan to do the dirty work on my behalf.

Amazingly, it was all effortless.

Yes, even the mighty Diva was in an unusually cooperative mood.

Obviously when it comes to photographing kids, the camera can never be attached to a pole. But even more importantly, the photographer must be able to strike up a rapport with the kids in order to coax them into the best of moods in front of the lens.

And it sure helped too that Ryan is one patient guy. The studio session didn't feel rushed and after taking a series of photos, Ryan would inquire whether there are any other poses that I had wanted.

Post-photoshoot, the process for reviewing the photos is great as well - selection of our photos were done from the comfort of our home via a private (password protected) online gallery. Even the monkies chipped in to choose the photos too!

Great before and after sales customer service, family-friendly studio, patient photographers and great pictures - definitely essential ingredients for a fun-filled and enjoyable photo session with the entire family! You can view the entire set of photos from our photo shoot HERE.

Pricing for a studio package starts from $200, excluding a Creative Session Fee of $150. Great news for our faithful readers though - get a $150 discount to offset any Packages Fee when you quote 'cheekiemonkie' at the time of booking. This offer is valid until 11 October 2013. For enquiries on the various packages, contact Orange Studios at or +65 8606-6950.

Oh, and do consider Orange Studios' Canvas Art Piece options too if you eventually book a package with them. We received a 20" by 20" one and we were all mightily impressed with its quality.

View more of Orange Studios' portfolio HERE or on its Facebook page.

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ms.bulat said...

Beautiful family shots! The last one is really nice!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks ms. bulat for your kind words! We love the photos too! :)

Rachel said...

Great photos!!! Love them! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Rachel!!! :)

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