Sep 8, 2013

KidZania Singapore takes shape

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Earlier in the year, it was announced that Singapore will get her very own KidZania on the shores of Sentosa come early 2015.

Unlike other theme parks, KidZania will not have zero rides. Instead, it will combine role-playing with real life experiences in a kid-sized city that emulates the workings of a real city to provide unique ‘edutainment’ fun. KidZania features real-world establishments (bank, university, fire station, radio station) and career choices (pilot, surgeon, fashion designer) to help children develop real life skills.

Photo Credit: KidZania Singapore
So it is essential that KidZania Singapore ties up with the appropriate industry partners who share its vision of educating, empowering and inspiring 4 to 14 year olds in a safe and self-contained city environment. And last week, it announced the first 6 of 30 plus industry partners to be part of the educational and entertainment theme park.

Photo Credit: KidZania Singapore
Teaching children the value of money and the fundamentals of banking, children commence their financial literacy with a bank account at Maybank in KidZania Singapore. Each bank account holder will receive a debit card which can be used across all Maybank ATMs within the city of KidZania Singapore to withdraw the local currency, kidZos, for use at all establishments in the city.

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific will create a Discovery Kids studio within the park where children will experience the behind-the-scene work that goes into being a Discovery Channel filmmaker.

Working as researchers at the Yakult Research Lab at KidZania, children will be able to study and explore different experiments and learn about the benefits and essence of probiotics.

Through Canon, children will get to experience being a photographer complete with a studio, models and photography training.

The Soup Spoon
Children will also get to role play as chefs when visiting The Soup Spoon establishment and will learn about healthy eating.

Killiney ‘Kopitiam’
In addition to industry partners, traditional coffeehouse Killiney will be setting up an establishment at KidZania Singapore where visitors can take a break and enjoy freshly brewed coffee and traditionally popular warm kaya toast.

KidZania Singapore will span 7,600 square metres and be part of the new Family Entertainment Centre development at Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island.

We. Can't. Wait! In the meantime though, there is still KidZania Kuala Lumpur to pay a visit to and you can check out all the fun we had during our past two 'internships' there!

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