Sep 20, 2013

When 3 + 7 Doesn't Equal 10

(Daddy blogs)

So today marks the 37th year I have kicked around dirt on this lovely spiraling rock. I’m three years closer to that magical number 40. And admittedly, that thought of it isn't exactly uplifting.

But I have to say that aside from a few things here and there - like how my pants seem to be shrinking all the time - I really don't feel that much different than when I was 27.  So yes, all in all life at 37 is not too bad. I am thankful that I have the group of friends that I do, as well as my family. And what better way to reminisce on my birthday than to dig up some old photos of myself?

It feels kind of funny looking back at these old photos - I don't remember much to be honest. But one thing I do see is the smile that I see on MY monkies' faces, the innocence of a simpler time.

As much as I am always lamenting how my monkies grow up too darn quickly for my liking, I am sure my parents will be looking at these pictures like as if they were just taken yesterday. Because that is the way life is - it is never going to slow down. And when you get to spend your day with the 4 most important people in the world who obviously love you very much, there is no real reason to be melancholic.

Happy Birthday to me.

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ClearTear said...

happy birthday to u!!
u same age as my hubby!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Ivy!!! :)

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