Oct 14, 2013

LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park Splashing Review!

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After all these years of being a parent, I have come to remember one definitive chemical reaction by heart. Want to see a guaranteed explosion of sorts? Just add water to my monkies and watch them ignite with squeals and shrieks of laughter. And that explosion threatened to be unprecedented the moment they heard that they were going to get all drenched at the spanking new LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park!

Billed as the LARGEST LEGOLAND Water Park in the world and officially opening on 21 October 2013, the interactive and fully LEGO-themed Water Park offers 13 water attractions and unlike the usual water parks, this one is specially catered to children below the age of 12. So you can probably guess how barely the monkies could contain their excitement at the thought of being able to test out all of the attractions at this exclusive sneak preview.

For this posting, I will cover all the water attractions that the Water Park has to offer while going into detail about the things to take note of, like towels, cabanas, life vests for kids, etc, in my next posting. In case you are wondering about personal lockers to stow your belongings though, there are ample lockers right near the entrance of the park.

Locker rates are RM20 for a small one and RM40 for a large one. Rental is for an entire day and is valid for multiple access. The lockers are accessed electronically, without the hassle of a physical key.

Alrighty then, on to the WATER ATTRACTIONS!

If your child is above the height of 1.07m, then you will be glad to know that he/she will be eligible to tackle EVERY SINGLE attraction at LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park. Something which made both Ash and Ayd extremely delighted! 

[UPDATE] If he/she is below 1.07m but above 1.02m, then he/she is still qualified to sit three of the more thrilling water slides. But fret not if your child is under that magic number, there are ample attractions to keep him/her duly entertained as well... as Ale found out.

For children below the height of 1.02m

There are a total of four attractions to keep children in this category busy and of the four, the DUPLO Splash Safari ranked as the top favourite in the eyes of Ale.

Essentially, it is a large wading pool with shallow water which is perfect for toddlers. There are 3 short slides here as well as interactive and larger-than-life DUPLO creatures.

The 3 slides come with varying sliding speeds - the Blue slide is the slowest, followed by the red one and for a quick descent down to the water below, take the wide orange one.

No prizes for guessing which slide Ale adored the most then.

In fact, Ale was content spending most of her time at the DUPLO Splash Safari while her 2 brothers were taking on the larger water slides elsewhere. 

The Build-A-Raft River was another firm favourite of the Diva and surprisingly, the boys too!

A lazy river with a twist, this attraction had the monkies designing and building their own unique LEGO raft using the floating LEGO bricks as they set afloat on a meadering voyage along the river channel.

The depth of the river is 76.2cm so for younger toddlers, it will be safer for them to don the free-to-wear life vests provided around the Water Park.

For the boys though, they were bent on constructing the tallest LEGO structure they could possibly muster without it collapsing as they drift along.

Erm okay, maybe only Ash then... as Ayd was just happy enough to laze on his float.

My only gripe about the Build-A-Raft River is that it has only one entrance and exit point so this made the points a bit crowded and messy at times. But kudos to the Water Park lifeguards, who were on site to manage the crowds.

And what's a Water Park without the obligatory water playground for kids?

The Joker Soaker is a fun interactive play structure with different lengths, heights, types of slides and water cannons. Kids can also wade in the surrounding ankle-deep pool... but just don't get too surprised when the 2-metre LEGO Joker dumps 350 gallons (about 2650 bottles of Coca-cola bottles) of water on them!

Thanks to my monkies, I have been to a fair share of water playgrounds but to date, this Joker Soaker water playground has got to be the biggest and most fun one of the lot. It has no less then SEVEN water slides of varying heights and lengths packed within the structure so if your child is not able to enjoy the larger water slides in the Water Park, this is the place to be!

For sure, Ale was determined to try out every single slide at the Joker Soaker. And so she did.

If you are looking to just get away from the bustling crowd, then the LEGO Wave Pool will be your best bet. Somehow, Ale was mightily drawn to it too... all because she spotted a LEGO Mermaid figurine - whom she addressed it as Ariel - at the opposite end of the Wave Pool.

Unlike some other Wave Pools where the waves can get really high and choppy, the waves here were milder and just about right for all ages to enjoy, making it perfect for families to laze the day away.

For children above the height of 1.02m

For the boys though, lazing away was never on their agenda when it comes to a Water Park. They were itching to hop on the many huge water slides so much that my ears had been buzzing non-stop at their incessant nagging the moment we entered the park.

And the first on our list - the Splash 'N' Swirl (Min. Height 1.07m).

Simply put, it is a bundled whirl of excitement as riders power through twists and turns before shooting out onto a huge dish, going in circles while edging closer to the centre and finally, spilling out into a splash pool below. Riders can opt to go solo or in pairs, on a duo-float.

The boys rode the slide together and I guess their happy faces are enough to tell the story.

But if they enjoyed the Splash 'N' Swirl, it was because they had not went on the Brick Blaster (Min. Height 1.07m) yet.

The red and yellow slide requires the use of a water raft which can seat up to 3 persons and can I just say that the raft is darn heavy to lug up the stairs to get to the slide! But once up, be sure to to hang on tight as the raft will careen through 2 huge barrel-like contraptions at a blazing speed!

It is tough to describe how the ride is exactly... but think of it like a mini Pirate Ship ride, where the raft slides up and down like a pendulum along the sides of the barrel before landing in a splash below.

Ash, the ever-seasoned slider, taking the Brick Blaster with Andy of sengkangbabies.com
Top-notch fun at a top-notch speed - this was THE favourite ride for the boys (and me too) which they eventually ended going on it FIVE times.

Located at the same area as the above 2 water rides are another 2 water slides - Wave Rider and Tidal Tube (Min. Height 1.07m for both) - which offer enough thrills too... minus the water float or raft.

The open-air blue Wave Rider definitely lives up to its name with its fair share of twists, turns and dips while the enclosed green Tidal Tube lets one slide though total darkness. Hard to pick a fave among the two if you ask me!

If you prefer something milder, or just need more companions to ride together with for that extra bit of added emotional support, then head to the Red Rush (Min. Height 1.02m) water slide.

A family tube slide where up to six people can ride together down a curving track, this is one slide that has less twists and turns and absolutely no plunging drops.

To be honest, this ride felt utterly uneventful after we gone on the adrenaline-inducing Brick Blaster ride. But I guess this will cater to those who are not big fans of thrilling water slides. There is also another blue Splash Out (Min. Height 1.02m) water slide here, which is quite similar to previous open-air Wave Rider but only longer.

And if racing action is what you want, racing action is what you will get - in the form of the Twin Chasers (Min. Height 1.02m).

Children - and adults too - can race down side-by-side in 2 enclosed tube slides in a bid to see who emerge into the wading area below. Not much of a kick you say? Then how about the LEGO Slide Racers (Min. Height 1.07m)?

The LEGO Slide Racers allow up to SIX people to race through a tube and down the slide and see who earns the bragging rights at the bottom. Given my weight, I should be a shoo-in for first place I reckon.

Super. Kick-ass. Fun. And I won against the boys of course. Heh.

The only attraction which was not in operation was the Imagination Stations.

These are interactive and educational tables. On one table, kids can build bridges, dams and cities out of DUPLO bricks and test them against the flow of water while on the other table, they control the flow of water by creating patterns out of LEGO elements.

Guess that alone gives us an ample excuse to pay the Water Park another visit, no?

You can probably tell how much the monkies thoroughly enjoyed the Water Park and actually, the wifey and I just had just about the same amount of fun. And don't even bother asking them to choose between the Water Park and the LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park - they just love both to bits!

PART 2 Review UP! Planning to visit the Water Park? Click this way for important information and tips on making the most out of your day at LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park - www.cheekiemonkie.net/2013/10/legoland-malaysia-water-park-review.html

*LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park officially opens on 21 October (Monday) 2013.

Book your LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park ticket online 7 days in advance of your visit date and  enjoy 20% off!
Adult (12-59): Usual Price - RM105.00 | Online Price: RM84.00
Child (3-11): Usual Price - RM85.00 | Online Price: RM64.00
Toddlers (0-2):  RM10, inclusive of 2 swim diapers
Senior Citizens (60+): Usual Price - RM85.00 | Online Price: RM64.00
For more information on ticket prices, visit HERE.

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SengkangBabies said...

Wow, this post is super comprehensive, glad everyone had fun :)

cheers, Andy

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Andy! I'm sure all of your 'babies' will have lots of fun too! :D

AlvinZ said...

Cool, so there's no issue of bringing camera in to the waterpark

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi AlvinZ,

Cameras are allowed, but it is highly advisable that it is a water proof one if you intend to bring it with you to some of the water attractions!

Unknown said...

Hi. Do you suggest we visit the theme park and water park the same day?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Debby,

It may a bit rushed for you and your family ,especially since there might be queues at each of the attraction. So I think one day each for the theme park and water park will be less hectic instead.

Hope it helps! :)

Bill said...

Thanks for sharing what is probably the most comprehensive review of the Legoland Water Park I've read to date :)

Just to let your readers know Legoland has recently launched a official blog featuring Legoland Deals and News at http://blog.legoland.com.my

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Bill,

A huge thanks for your kind words, and also for the info! :)

Anonymous said...


Is there any restriction on the type of swimwear to wear for adults? For ladies & men, izzit alright to wear just t-shirt & short?

danial said...

Legoland Malaysia is truely awesome theme park for the kids but adults and parents also enjoy Legoland and lots of the games. At the end of the day, we missed 5 more games.But it was a memorable funny time!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi danial,

Thanks for taking time to leave your thoughts! It is definitely a place that's worth going back! :)

Danial said...

Hi Kelvin,

My pleasure :-). One important tip is to get one whole day for the Legoland dry park. And the other day for Wet park .

Combo ticket for both in single day won't be enough for the kids and parents tooo :-)

Danial said...

hi Kelvin,

My pleasure. Yes, the kids always looking forward to go back to Legoland

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