Oct 22, 2013

What does the FOX say?

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It's Fashion Show time, that's what!

Our collaboration with FOX Kids & Baby has been going on for almost three months now, and while it had been - and still is - fun picking out clothes at the stores for the monkies, nothing beats seeing the latest fashion collection parade on the runway right before your very eyes.

Especially since the kids' hands (and mouths) were to be kept busy at the DIY Cupcake Station!

Throw some crafting fun in the form of a DIY tie or headband into the mix and I think we adults can pretty much chill and enjoy the Fashion Show in peace.

The Fox Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Show featured the latest FOX Kids collection, which meant that most of of the fashion pieces on show had the year-end seasons in mind.

So if you are planning a holiday trip this year-end school holidays to a country with a cold climate, then you should definitely check out fall and winter wear at a FOX Kids & Baby outlet near you!

Back to the show proper, and if the kid models were a bundle of nerves while sashaying down the runway, they clearly were not showing it.

I can already see the wifey's brain going into overdrive mode, trying to copy conceive the various fashion styles that the little girl models portrayed.

I found out later that most of the kids were actually first-time models... and they did a mightily fantastic job!

Uhm, and all that catwalk must have rubbed off the monkies... all because when we popped by a FOX Kids & Baby outlet a few days later, all 3 monkies were only too eager to model the outfits in front of my camera!

Maybe got chance for 2014 Fashion Show, no?

Anyway, if you are looking for some winter wear for the kids, FOX Kids & Baby will be a good place to start searching... especially since they are having their mid-season SALE currently with items up to 50% off!

Unfortunately though, this little cutie was not part of the Sale items.

But I guess it didn't stop a certain Diva from insisting to try it out and modelling a little bit in it.

No prizes for guessing which piece followed us home after that!

The FOX Fleece promotion is now on as well! Purchase a FOX Baby Fleece for $19.90 and get a FOX Logo Tee at $7.90 or a FOX Kid Fleece for $26.90 and get a FOX Logo Tee at $9.90! Now on till 17 November.

Keep updated with the latest news and promotions from FOX Kids & Baby by following them on Facebook HERE.

P.S. In case you are wondering what the title of this blog post is all about, view THIS.

P.P.S. Warning: you will either love it or hate it.

P.P.P.S. I have to admit though, it is easy for kids to sing along to. LOL.

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