Nov 18, 2013

Cakes that go Push 'N' Pop!

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(Daddy chomps)

When I was a kid, I used to pester my parents for ice cream - okay, so that explains my size right now but that is besides the point - and in particular, the delectable push up ice cream that comes in a colourful polka-dotted design.

Remember those? These retro ice creams certainly bring back fond memories for me. Granted they were deemed too messy to lick in the eyes of my parents, but they most definitely were the most awesome dessert that a kids can ask for!

And now, children can get a feel of how awesome it is to chomp away from a push-up cylinder thanks to some cute cake creations from Emicakes.

Say hello to the Push 'N' Pop cakes from Emicakes, which is a novel and fun way of eating a cake!

There are a total of 3 flavours to choose from - Strawberry Oreo, Choco Mallows and Cotton Candy Cheese - and my, what colourful creations they were indeed! And gorging on one is easy enough. Just remove the top cover from the Push 'N' Pop...

... and push the stem to reveal the yummy goodness from within.

Messiness is optional though.

The cylindrical container also makes it easy for easy storage if the cake can't be devoured in one sitting. Erm, not that the monkies had any trouble in doing just that.

We had 2 of each of the three available flavours and the monkies finished all of them during breakfast! Yes, all SIX of them. The wifey and I barely had more than a bite worth of cake so the two of us just had to make do with boring bread. Sigh.

Well, at least we had the consolation of re-using the Push 'N' Pop cylinders for other things like popsicles and jellies - just fill them up with milk, Milo, juice or other liquids and pop them into the freezer. They serve as great bribes. LOL.

Get your Push 'N' Pop cakes at $4.20 each from all Emicakes outlets now! Just be sure to buy a few extra, in case your kids finish everything!

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DC said...

I remember the polka dot ice cream!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi DC,

YES! My fave!!! :)

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