Nov 4, 2013

Make a Friend at IKEA (the cardboard kind)

Media Invite
(Daddy builds)

If there is one home-based activity that the monkies love, it will have to be churning out craft pieces on a large scale. So large that my entire house is literally littered with their works of art and I am fast running out of space to store them!

Both Ash and Ayd are always on the lookout for the odd plastic bottle, tissue box or toilet roll at home so that they can add them into their huge pile of recyclable materials at home and use them for their crafting work. So when IKEA Singapore invited us down for a crafting workshop 2 weekends ago, the monkies wasted no time in saying 'YES!'.

The free flow of IKEA chicken wings and meatballs would probably have been enough for me to say yes though.

Uhm okay, back to the task at hand. Come 23 November 2013 (Sat), IKEA Singapore will be designating that day as 'IKEA Make a Friend' Day where families will be given cardboard boxes to create their very own robot!

And together with some other parent blogger friends, we were provided with lots of recyclable materials to aid us in our robot-making quest. Fresh from snagging third prize in the 'Best Dressed Family' category at POLW Sentosa's Halloween Party the night before - the boys went dressed as Minions - there was only one obvious choice at how our cardboard robot would turn out.

Quite cute, no? The wifey and I probably did almost 60% of the work but the boys thoroughly did enjoy chipping in as well. Check out some of the robot incarnations that the other parent bloggers and their kids came up with!

Unfortunately at the time of writing, registration for the IKEA Make a Friend event on 23 November 2013 is now closed due to overwhelming response. However, you can still pop down to IKEA Tampines on that day between 10am to 4pm to cheer on the families participating.

And you can have a say in picking the overall winner too! 20 of the best models on that day will be shortlisted for a round of voting. And while the 20 shortlisted models will win a $50 IKEA Gift Card, the sole winner will get $500 worth of Children's IKEA products/IKEA Gift Card PLUS the winning robot be blown up into a life size robot and displayed in both IKEA stores! For more information, visit

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