Nov 9, 2013

Science Street Fair & Open House @Science Centre Singapore

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(Daddy experiments) 

To celebrate Science Centre Singapore's 35th Anniversary, a 4-day mega celebration of exhibitions and science performances with Singapore's first-ever Science Street Fair descends upon Science Centre Singapore from now until 11 November 2013.

One of the highlights of the Science Street Fair is the street challenges and game stalls that line the open area behnd The Annexe. Coupons will have to be purchased ($20 per coupon booklet) and used at the game stalls, with each game typically averaging $1 or $2. Unlike the usual funfair game stalls, every game stall challenge has a science aspect behind it so it was rather refreshing for the boys... like this challenge of trying to balance 6 nuts on top of one another while balancing the board on one hand.

Or trying to place 6 metal hangers in a vertical row without any of them slanting to the side.

Or attempting to balance 6 dice on the edge of an ice-cream stick using one's mouth.

But the one science game stall that was undoubtedly the fave of the boys was the Mind Ball Challenge ($1 for 2 tries). And you have to got try it if you are down at the Science Centre too.

Through the sheer power of will, one will be able to control a ball by simply strapping in a control device to your head and let your brain waves flow. I have to admit it was utterly amazing to see it in action as the boys took turns to make the ball levitate and move along a line. Just look at the intense concentration on their faces!

I found out that the head band measures Alpha and Thetra waves which correspond to focus and relaxation. So actually, the trick is to remain relaxed and calm to move the ball so as to move the ball the furthest distance possible.

But as we were there on a weekday night, we were unable to try out as many activities as we had wanted. Besides the game stalls, here are some other highlights:

One thing that I disliked about the event though, was that it could have been better organised with better signage all around. We pretty much missed most of the highlights as we simply did not know about them while we were there. So be sure to arm yourself with a map of the fair if you are intending to head down!

But even without the Science Street Fair, here is a fantastic reason to pay the Science Centre a visit - it is FREE ADMISSION to the Science Centre for all visitors between 8 - 11 November 2013! And perhaps pay a visit to the awesome Titans of the Past Dinosaur Exhibition (Admission charges apply) while you are there too!

Useful Information

Science Street Fair 2013
Science Centre Singapore
8 & 9 Nov 2013: 9.30am - 9pm
10 & 11 Nov 2013: 9.30am - 7pm

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