Nov 7, 2013

Let's Get the (Ice Cream Buffet) Party Started

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(Daddy parties)

And so, THE day finally arrived. 

Ever since the moment I let it slip that Ale will be celebrating her 3rd Birthday at Swensen's, all 3 monkies have been eagerly waiting for this day to arrive. Well, me too actually... especially if you have read my previous blog post on all the reasons to take my kid's party away from my home.

For children's birthday parties, there are 3 Swensen's outlets to choose from - ION Orchard, NEX Mall and Thomson Plaza. We chose ION Orchard as its location is pretty central for all our guests. There isn't a separate party room at Swensen's but rather, a portion away from the main area of the restaurant was specially set aside for our party. Which is a good thing too, considering the amount of ruckus and mayhem that only kids are capable of conjuring when banded together.

Two party options are available - Tea Party with 5 courses of finger food or the Ice Cream & Dessert Party with what else, ice cream and all things sweet. I figured an Ice Cream Buffet will really be unique, as opposed to the conventional finger food choices and so, a party fueled by sugar it was!

And I knew my choice was the right one the moment I saw all of the kids' eyes lit up when they were told that they could have absolutely ANY ice cream flavour they desired and even return for second or third helpings after that.

Okay, so I observed the same reaction from the adults too... because quite frankly, when was the last time when you walked into an ice cream parlour and could have the freedom to pick one, two, three, four or even five scoops of ice cream at one go?

With over 50 ice cream flavors (including gelato flavors) to choose from, all of us definitely had a hard time in deciding which flavors to stuff our mouths with. And don't even get me started on the more than 40 kinds of toppings too!

Ah, the perils of choice.

If you are ever sick of eating too much ice cream - if there is ever such a thing - then take your pick from a delectable assortment of cakes, waffles and pastries.

But as Ayd will gladly attest to, the undisputed hit of the party has got to be this.

A chocolate fondue fountain! With all-you-can-coat choices of profiteroles, strawberries and marshmallows. And just so we are being inclusive, there are TWO chocolate foundue fountains with the other being a white chocolate one.

Coupled with a free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea and I think everyone was hugely satisfied with the food. Especially since everyone was crowding around this Chop Shop.

All you have to do is pick out a few toppings of your choice from the Toppings counter and bring them to this station.

Pass the toppings to the Swensen's staff, choose your ice cream flavour and watch the ice cream and toppings come together in a chopping fashion on a icy cold plate.

I thought this was the part that the kids enjoyed most.

And when all the chopping was done, all that there was left to do was to enjoy your creation!

It looked so tantalising that even the youngest member of our party was drooling away. LOL.

But what's a birthday party without some party games?

Swensen's had kindly provided a party host for Ale's Birthday Party as well and this was a god-send as this meant that the kids would be kept busy while the adults would be able to mingle and dine at a relaxed pace. Although I have to admit it that watching the kids try to eat an Oreo cookie without their hands proved to be rather solid entertainment for the adults as well.

Throw in some perennial party game favourites such as scavenger hunt, balloon stomping and musical chairs, and I think all the adults had more than a minute of peace.

The kids even got to decorate their very own ice cream sundae!

Which they generously presented it to the birthday girl.

And not a moment too soon as it was time for the ice cream cake to make an appearance!

All Swensen's Birthday Party packages come with a complimentary 1kg ice cream cake, complete with the dry ice 'smoky' effect for good measure too which completely wow-ed the kids.

Lollibox had also generously provided with each of our little guests with a Lollibox Party Pack too and they proved to be a huge hit with every single one of them. But more of the wonderful boxes in another blog post.

In the end, everyone had an outrageously good time at the party - the adults enjoying a more-than-usual dose of sugary high and the kids well, relishing just about everything. Thanks to all our family and friends who came down to make Ale's birthday even more extra special!

For more information in throwing the perfect party for your child at Swensen’s, visit HERE. And ‘Like’ Swensen’s on Facebook at too to stay updated on its promotions and offers too!

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