Dec 11, 2013

It's Time to Zoo Hoo!

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What a year it has been for the Singapore Zoo - she officially turned 40 years old on 27 June this year and it was celebrated with a huge birthday bash! But the year isn't over just yet, which means the Singapore Zoo’s 40th anniversary celebrations will be ending with a big bang!

From now until 22 December 2013 (weekends only), join in the fun for Zoo Hoo! Wild Wow Birthday which promises fun-filled activities for the entire family, especially for the littles ones! And the bulk of the action will be taking place at Garden With A View, beside Ah Meng's commemorative statue. 

We were there over the weekend, and there is nothing like some good old-fashioned games to entice the boys.

Simple games, yes but that was the whole point - to let children have fun and win some Zoo Hoo! bookmarks in the process.

Ale though, had a different notion as to what constituted fun.

Yep, the perennial Face Painting booth that all children seem to love. The wifey had initially asked for just a small part of the face to be painted but when Ale plonked herself on the seat, she requested for the complete look on her own.

Pretty nice eh? She said she looked like a flamingo. I can't see the resemblance but don't tell her that.

Or if your children are looking for more adrenaline-pumping revelry, the MegaBounce will be it.

But do note that it isn't free though.

There is also a Magic Show, which happens every hour between 10.30am and 3.30pm. At 30 minutes long, this turned out to be all of the monkies' favourite!

The magician, or Uncle Jimbo as he calls himself, was pretty good. His magic tricks were nothing too complicated but they worked for the young audience... which came complete with toilet humour occasionally.

And no, that was not Ayd's underwear... although he did end up being a - pardon the pun - brief volunteer on stage.

When the show finally ended, guess who was the most upset one???

It was Ale! She was actually on the brink of tears when the magic show concluded... and not even a photo with the magician could cheer her up. Well, at least it proved that she thoroughly enjoyed the show! Heh.

Useful Information

Zoo Hoo! Wild Wow Birthday
Dates: 14, 15, 21 and 22 Dec 2013
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Singapore Zoo
Cost: All activities (except the MegaBounce) are free but admission charges apply.
Adult S$22 | Child (3-12) S$14 | Senior Citizen S$11


Wild Wow Games
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Garden With A View

Wild Wow Face Painting
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Garden With A View
Note: Token donation to Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund is welcome.

Wild Wow Magic Show
Time: Every hour from 10.30am - 3.30pm (30 minutes per session)
Venue: Garden With A View

Witness the animals' foraging skills as they search for food treats in specially-made Zoo Hoo packages!
Exhibit Time:
Free Ranging Orang Utan Island - 11am
Primate Kingdom (Colobus monkey, Celebes macaque, lion-tailed macaque) - 11am
Pygmy hippo - 2.30pm
Chimpanzee - 4.35pm

Mascot Appearances
Time: Every hour from 10.00am - 4.00pm (20 minutes per session)
Venue: Singapore Zoo Entrance

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SengkangBabies said...

haha, I love that photo of Ale and Magician, extreme expressions :)

Will bring back fond memories in times to come :)

cheers, Andy

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