Dec 29, 2013

These Shoes are made for (more) Walking

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Ever since Ale got her brand new pair of pediped shoes, her 2 older brothers had been casting envious glances at her feet every now and then. No, they weren't wishing for an exact pair of Sadie Brown Mary Jane but rather, a pediped shoe to call their own... especially since Ash's feet had their first taste of pediped when he was a toddler.

Well, someone must have heard their prayers because looked what arrived in the mail.

Ash received the Saturn Sneaker (Silver/Black/Lime) from pediped's Flex range and he totally fell in love with the colour combination immediately.

For me though, I preferred what laid within the shoes, or soles to be precise. You can read more about pediped's innovative Flex system HERE but what I really love about its shoes is this - each pair of Flex shoes comes with additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit and then removed for room as the child’s feet grow. This allows parents to adjust the fit of shoes to prolong wear, and save more money!

A pair of Delmar Blue Sandal - also from the Flex range - was what welcomed Ayd. Bet you can't tell that it came in his favourite colour.

The sandal is unlike the usual sandals, as it comes a scruff-resistant closed toe guard which is great news for active children it will help to protect their little toes. The top part of the shoes has a combination of textile and mesh lining which makes the sandals airy and roomy.

And the first thing that the boys remarked when they put on the shoes? That the shoes felt remarkably lightweight! And it is a good thing too, since the last thing I would want is for them to be dragging two blocks of bricks when we are outdoors.

And speaking of outdoors, it is common knowledge that how dirty shoes are synonymous with children so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that both pair of shoes are machine washable! So this is it - looks like the shoes are all set to take on all the abuse the boys can dish out.

Oh, and add Ale to the mix as well!

For more information and to view the new range of Fall/Winter 2013 line of pediped shoes, visit

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