Jan 29, 2014

How Fresh Is Your Milk?

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Milk has always been regarded as an important part of one's diet as it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. And while babies should only stick to breast milk or formula milk prior to the age of one, they can consume fresh milk - the full cream kind, not low fat or skimmed - after they turn one.

As it turned out, the monkies love the taste of fresh milk. In fact, the boys always gulp down a glass of fresh milk before they head off to school every morning. So you can probably guess the monkies' level of enthusiasm when Greenfields sent us their range of milk products to try out.

To be honest, this would be our first time tasting Greenfields milk but something tells me that this will not be the last.

For starters, the milk comes from Greenfields' dairy farm facility in Malang, Indonesia with its Friesian Holstein milking cows imported from Australia and bred in Indonesia. What this means is that due to its close proximity to Singapore, Greenfields milk can be delivered here in 2 to 3 days compared to 10 days from Australia facilities and even double that from the USA. By that time, bacteria may build up in the milk and hence will required the milk to be pasteurize again. This is known as double pasteurization and will significantly reduce the nutritional value of the milk. On the other hand, Greenfields milk is single-pasteurized so more nutrients are retained.

In addition, the milk is sealed on-site at the dairy farm facility - no transport between milking, processing and packaging - and hence, cutting down the chances of bacterial contamination.

All well and good, but what about the all-important taste test?

As the monkies put it, the fresh milk tastes like... erm, milk. And I agree. It tastes what fresh milk ought to. Creamy, but none of the artificial taste that some milk brands have. In fact, Greenfields milk is one of the very few brands out there that has no additives, no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

It is just milk.

And since we are on the topic of milk, Ayd could not resist in using some of the milk to conjure the world's best scrambled eggs. At least that was how Ayd put it.

For a cheesy option, throw in some Greenfield's Mozzarella Cheese!

Oh, and you have to try its Chocolate Malt flavour. It is so very good, one of the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted. Seriously, try it. Even the monkies are now full-fledged converts and fans of its chocolate milk. Somehow, it is not overly sweet but yet, it still retains that malty-taste goodness.

Of course, do not take my word for it. On your next visit to the supermarket, pop by the milk aisle, scrutinize the carton labels, bring home a pack of Greenfields Fresh Milk (and/or Chocolate Malt) and taste the wholesome goodness of what fresh milk should really be like.

Greenfields Milk comes in Fresh Milk, Chocolate Malt, High Calcium Low Fat and High Calcium Skimmed Milk and are available at leading supermarkets.

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