Jan 20, 2014

Polliwogs @ VivoCity: Seriously Fun!

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(Daddy plays)

By golly, has it truly been that long? Ash and Ayd first got a taste of Polliwogs fun back in 2009 when its first Indoor Playground branch at East Coast Park opened. And since then, The Polliwogs has followed up with another two branches at Robertson Walk and VivoCity, with the latter opening just in December 2013.

And when there is serious fun involved, you can be sure that the monkies will never be too far away! Tucked away at the third floor of VivoCity - diagonally opposite and situated just at the link to HarbourFront Centre - The Polliwogs @VivoCity is the smallest of the three Polliwogs branches. But as the monkies found out, it was not lacking in the fun factor.

The first thing that greeted the monkies when they set their sights on the play structure was the rock climbing wall. No invitation to scale the colourful wall then, I reckon.

Although smaller in size, the Polliwogs @VivoCity somehow managed to pack in as many fun and challenging play equipment as they possibly could. So there were the usual suspects of crawling tubes and nets, foam obstacles, bridges and tunnels.

One plus point for parents is that the entire play structure is not as tight-fitting as compared to other Indoor Playgrounds, where risk of getting stuck while scurrying through a hole is very real. Here, I found it quite the breeze to scamper after Ale... and this coming from a Daddy of my size, I guess that is saying a lot.

Of course, there is the mandatory foam ball shooters to keep every child (trigger) happy.

And who can resist the allure of a wave slide???

Definitely not my monkies.

But the greatest draw of the entire play structure was this giant trampoline area, which is exclusive to the VivoCity's branch.

At first glance, it seemed normal enough. But with the addition of two layers of netting atop the trampoline, this area took up the bulk of the monkies' play time.

If you have toddlers who are three years and below, you are in luck. There is a huge area dedicated just for them!

If you are thinking of the usual, boring foam blocks and crawling mats at the usual toddler play areas at other Indoor Playgrounds, then you will be in for a pleasant surprise. There are definitely MORE options for the younger children, ranging from the mini-carousel, ball pit to the tiny spinning cups!

Much as Ale loved to follow her two older brothers through the main play area, I think she still preferred the toddler area to call her own.

Planning a party for the little one? The Polliwogs @VivoCity has a rather large area carved aside for Birthday Parties.

As for parents, chillax at the seating area which is just located right at the entrance of both the main and toddler play areas.

And chillax-ing can make one hungry too, as I found out. Luckily, there is a cafe selling pasta, pizza, finger food and sandwiches to keep parents' mouths busy while the kids are busy burning calories in the play areas.

But one thing I found out was ALL the fried food on the menu are NOT deep-fried. Instead, they are air-fried... so in a sense, it made the consumption a tad less sinful.

Oh and if you are a Value Play Pass holder, you get a free flow of Coffee or Tea too!

There is a Mother's Room, with diaper-changing facilities but no toilets within the premises. Washrooms are a short walk outside.

So what's our final verdict?

Yay: It is new, bright and clean! Despite visibly housed in a smaller area, The Polliwogs @VivoCity still consists of the usual play equipment that children love and find challenging. The Toddler area has got to be one of the best that I have come across among all of the Indoor Playgrounds so far. The facilities for the younger ones are functional and offered more variety to keep them stimulated and busy.

Nay: The small area is also its minus point too, with the seating area getting too crowded and running out of space once families start packing in.

Did you know? Go on a Saturday evening and you can even catch the fireworks over at RWS!

Verdict: 4 thumbs up (out of 5)


Children below 2 years old
Weekdays: $13 PER ENTRY
Weekends and Public holidays: $13 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $5

Children aged 2 to 12 years old
Weekdays: $20 PER ENTRY
Weekends and Public holidays: $25 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $5

Free admission for TWO Adults with every paying child. Subsequent adult pays $5 per pax.

Useful Information

The Polliwogs @ VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk
(on the link to HarbourFront Centre)
#03-12 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 8097
Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm daily
Website: www.thepolliwogs.com

Additional information
The Polliwogs @ VivoCity will be introducing a "Drop-off" service in February 2014.  Charges per entry remain, but there will be a levy of $15 per hour for each dropped-off child subject to limited vacancies.

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