Feb 20, 2014

Fun in a Box

Product Review
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Remember the Intellibox that Ale previewed last year? It has officially been launched in January this year, and the Diva received her first box earlier this month!

The Intellibox is offered by ThinkersBox, a cognitive training centre that prides itself in helping children develop and build their thinking skills for effective learning. And as for the box itself, it counts as Singapore's first subscription-based 'Intellectual Development Kit' which is to be delivered right to the doorsteps of parents and is designed to be a monthly kit filled with mini brain-based games, puzzles, worksheets as well as reading notes for parents.

Simply put, it is filled with chock-ful of activities targeted at pre-schoolers aged 4 to 7 years old. And let's be honest - how often have we scratched our heads (and tearing out strands of hair even) when it came to planning and thinking of learning-based activities for our children at home on a consistent basis?

With the Intellibox, it will plan EVERYTHING on your behalf... for one whole month!

The monthly subscription kit will provide materials for 20 days, encouraging parents to spend 5 to 10 minutes each day engaging their child in brain-stimulating activities. So all parents have to do is to check the corresponding activity on on each day and voila, stress-free activity planning for our children has never been easier.

Each activity has been designed and reviewed by a panel of Early Childhood Educators, Psychologists and Professors, and strives to train different skills such as reasoning, memory, creativity, and spatial reasoning capacity in a child.

And at the completion of each month's worth of activities, the child gets to earn a badge for all his/her hard work!

There are a total of 4 different activities in our box, with each alternating throughout the 20 days. And as I expected, Ale could not wait to get started the moment she laid her hands on the box.

The first activity had her tasking to draw something using the circular shapes in the Brain Book. It is a very simple activity, but it certainly piqued even the interest of her older brother.

And this was what she had to show for after 5 minutes.

The second activity of the day involved her arranging coloured ice cream sticks in sequences, and then being instructed to move them around - 3 spaces to the left, 2 places to the right, you get the idea.

There is also a stacking Sea Otter activity kit, which aims to impart skills in differentiating different shapes & colours, stacking and balancing.

Ale enjoyed the activities so much that she wanted to do MORE than the stipulated daily activities. Every. Single. Time.

And the wifey and I need not worry that we forget to complete a particular day's worth of activities. She makes sure that she reminds us too. Every. Single. Day.

So far, we are into Day 9 of the Intellibox schedule, and I have to say it has been thoroughly useful in keeping her occupied every night and of course, instrumental in having the opportunity of bonding with her by doing the activities together.

The Intellibox subscription rates starts from as low as $1.50 per day and plans range between 3 and 9 months: 3 months: $145, 6 months: $255 and 9 months: $345.

And just for our readers, get $10 off subscriptions rates when you subscribe! You have to send in your subscription via email to enquiries@thinkersbox.com  and quote the promo code of CM2014 in order to enjoy the promotion.

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