Feb 4, 2014

Shopping online with Qoo10: It's Addictive!

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I knew online shopping is addictive, just not soooo addictive... that is until Qoo10 came along. And at that precise moment of enlightenment, the wifey threw me a where-have-you-been-all-along incredulous look. Because I have got to admit: she is an old-timer when it comes to this massive online marketplace operated by Giosis Pte. Ltd, a joint venture company formed with eBay. In fact, she has been buying stuff off the site when Qoo10 was known as Gmarket in its pre-2012 days.

If you are a first-time visitor to the site, you might be initially overwhelmed and confused at the site's 'messy' layout with tons of product listings. Considering that Qoo10 stocks almost anything under the sun - apparel for adults and children, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, electronics, toys, home & decor, books, music items, anything! - it can get a tad mind-boggling to figure out where to begin.

But there is a method in the chaos. For starters, I clicked on the 'Baby & Food > Boy's Clothing' tab in the categories header section at the top of the page and voila!

Loads of choices, and most apparel are not too tough on the wallet too! And don't get me started on the choices available for Girl's clothing.

For me, I spent the bulk of my time browsing through the toys section.

Of course, it takes time to suss out some of the best deals floating around Qoo10 but that is just part of fun in online shopping, no?

Or if you already know what you want, make use of the search engine which will lead you to exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, you can opt to filter the results according to your budget and sort the items according to the best-selling ones.

In my case, I have all along wanted to get a night light for the boys' room and ever since I caught sight of night lights that came in the shape of Marvel Superheroes like Iron Man's helmet, Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer and Hulk's fist at a push-cart in a shopping mall, I knew I had to get it for them. The push-cart was selling the night lights at $79.90 each and after a quick search on Qoo10, this was what I got.

$56.90! Woohoo to that, and free shipping to boot! Needless to say, Captain America's shield went into my shopping cart.

And while searching for the night light, I chanced upon something which promised to make clean-ups at home less taxing.

This toy bag is the ultimate god-send for the monkies' LEGO bricks as it can definitely spare me from tearing my hair out when it comes to clean-up time. And with the boys undergoing their weekly swimming lessons, I figured a Waterproof Dry Bag will come in mightily handy as well.

In the spirit of being inclusive, how could I leave the wifey out before I check-out my shopping cart? And so, a flip case for her Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone found its way into the cart as well.

 With that, I checked out and the waiting began.

Okay, so I know there is always the inevitable tinge of skepticism when it comes to purchasing items online. Will the items arrive? Will it take eons for the items to arrive? What about the quality of the items? Will the items be exactly what I see on the site?

Fret not though, as Qoo10 has a review system where you can check out and see how previous customers feel about their overall shopping experience in purchasing that particular item. There are 2 types of review - the Normal Review being just words and the Premium Review where buyers will include a photo of their purchased items.

And in an effort to protect customers, Qoo10 will only release the money you had paid for the items to the seller AFTER you receive the items. This is done by having the customers click on the 'Confirm Delivery' link in your invoice upon receiving the items in good condition. Which I was only too happy to do so after having my loot delivered to my doorstep.

As I have expected, the toy storage bag proved itself to be immensely useful when it came to the monkies' loose LEGO bricks.

Clean-up was definitely a cinch!

The wifey was also extremely pleased with her new case... always a good thing too. :)

However, Captain America's shield was undoubtedly the star item of the lot with the boys demanding politely requesting that I install the battery-operated night light as soon as the item arrived.

It came complete with the 'cracks' sticker and while two screws were also included, I made do with 2 strips of 3M Command Mounting Strips.

Ale loved it so much that she too wanted to bunk in together with Ash and Ayd for the night!

So I guess it is safe to say that everyone in the family enjoyed their respective items then. And seeing how convenient and easy it is to purchase items from Qoo10, be it kids' clothes, toys or household items, it is definitely one website that I know will save time and hassle for busy parents like you and me.

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to www.qoo10.sg for an awesome shopping experience! Also, do "like" Qoo10's Facebook page to get updates on even more promotions and exclusive events!

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