Mar 7, 2014

A Hair-raising Experience

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People say having children promotes hair loss, which to a certain extent is true if you consider how many times I have felt like ripping my hair out whenever my monkies get on my nerves. But as much as I would like to outsource the hair loss blame game to an external party, I have to admit it is age that has been creeping up on me and bit by bit, I am beginning to see a fair amount of hair on the bathroom floor after my shower.


As if that is not enough, my hairdresser has to chip in during my last visit to the salon, "Eh, your hair on the top of your head is thinning already... you know right????"

Double sigh.

I knew then I had to do something about my crowning glory, or perhaps risk losing it forever. So it was a good thing that TK TrichoKare came knocking.

Did you know that Trichology is the science of the structure, function, diseases and care of the human hair and scalp? It covers the anatomy, chemistry and physiology of the hair and scalp, as well as nutrition, genetics and microbiology.

So true to its name, TrichoKare is a holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides premium European herbal hair remedies for ALL hair and scalp conditions.  In fact, it takes its business so seriously that it is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized treatments validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

Yes, pretty impressive stuff but what I wanted to know was whether can my hair still be saved??? And before any treatment can be administered, I had to first undergo an analysis of my hair.

There are some things that I never knew could look so gross when viewed really up close and it is unfortunate that my scalp is one of them. My scalp was rather greasy and had little flakes of dry scalp at certain parts. My hair consultant - she was very knowledgeable by the way - told me that a healthy scalp should have 3-4 strands of hair in a follicle. Right after saying that, she showed me this.

Yup, that's my scalp. With 1 miserable strand of hair (and a thin one at that!) poking out of a follicle in most places. Depressing stuff, I tell you. But all is not lost, she professed as she recommended a detox session involving a mask, wash and treatment for the scalp.

I was not the only recipient of the hair analysis session though.

Yes, Ayd tagged along as well. When TrichoKare first asked me to bring along one of my monkies for the session, I was like "Huh? Kids also will have hair loss?"

But it is highly possible too, because children could experience hair loss concerns resulting from diet, stress and improper hair care. Alopecia areata is a disorder that causes sudden hair loss on the scalp and it could be caused by stress, and it usually first develops in children and teenagers. It is not permanent hair loss, but can be psychologically damaging, especially for children to cope with baldness.

Improper maintenance from protecting against frizz and static cling, traction hair loss causes from tight ponytail or massive pulling could all be a factor to children hair loss. Compared to adults, the epidermis in children is thinner and under-keratinized so this puts them at risk for increased absorption of agents (like chemical shampoos) that can be absorbed through the skin.

As for Ayd, it turned out that he has not been ridding his hair of the shampoo adequately during shower times so there were sporadic patches of residue seen on his scalp.

The hair consultant assured us it was nothing too serious as it was pretty common in children since they don't really rinse their hair thoroughly during bath time. So it was nothing that a Scalp Purification Masque could not fix.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant in letting Ayd try the treatment as I was afraid that the chemicals in the masque may not be good for his growing body. But I was assured that TrichoKare only uses European herbs in the masque so as to deliver a natural solution for its customers. So what goes into the masque is the healing herbal essences of Lavender and Melaleuca extracts, which is ideal for unclogging hair follicles by removing excess sebum and debris such as dandruff and other impurities from the scalp.

I think Ayd thoroughly enjoyed the masque application process. My head is so cooling and minty, he exclaimed.

After allowing 20 minutes for the masque to work its magic, we were then led to the cozy washing area. And it was here that I nearly fell asleep... because the massage that accompanied the washing was so heavenly. In fact, Ayd was wearing a perpetual grin on his face during the entire duration. It was his first time having his hair washed like that, and he said it was like a spa experience. Not that he went for a spa session before, but you get the idea.

Ayd was pretty done after the wash. And while he was busy taking whiffs of his pleasant-smelling hair, my scalp still needed more work. Hair tonic was rubbed onto my scalp, which was then followed by an Infrared treatment. It was to improve the blood circulation beneath the scalp, as well as to ensure that the tonic was further penetrated deep down to my hair roots.

And I was done! But not before heading back to the consultation room and doing a check on my scalp. What was I expecting? More hair sprouting of course! Okay, just kidding. That would have freaked me out if that really happened after one session. In all seriousness though, one apparent result was an improvement to my scalp condition.

Amazing huh? In addition, I could see that the pores at the base of the hair follicles were unclogged. WOOHOO!

Ayd's scalp was also noticeably cleaner after the masque application, so that's double WOOHOOs!

Besides the visible results after one session, I have to give a big thumb up to TrichoKare’s staff. Not only were they well-versed in the science aspect of hair growth, they provided excellent one-to-one personal service too.

But the ultimate in knowing that all went well? When Ayd asked if he could tag along again if I "needed to grow some more hair the next time."


TrichoKare is now offering our readers to try out 2-in-1 Scalp Revitalising Treatment at $59.99! With a FREE Home Care Kit worth $49 + $200 Package Voucher of total worth $587!

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Scalp Clarifying Treatment at $29.99 + Home Care Kit worth $49! (Total worth $387)

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