Mar 11, 2014

Splashing Series: Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex

(Daddy splashes)

For some inexplicable reason, there has always be some definitive chemical reaction between water and my monkies. For an explosion (of squeals and laughter) of epic proportions, just add water to my monkies and stir well. So ever since the monkies discovered the joy of the Jurong West Aquatic Centre 2 weekends ago, they have been bugging me to pay a visit to another public swimming complex once again.

Not that I, or my wallet, minded of course... considering it will only costs the entire family $7 to enter one such swimming complex. And the swimming complex in question? Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex.

The first thing that greeted us when we entered the compound was the obligatory water play structure for younger children. There is no giant bucket atop which rains large amounts of water on unsuspecting kids below so the younger ones may prefer to spend their time here.

That said, the play structure is rather small as compared to other water play structures that the monkies are used to. There is only one short water slide, which is propels children down pretty fast! But the great thing about this area is there is a huge amount of water play space for kids to run amok. Plus, more than half of the area is sheltered... perfect protection on a merciless sunny day.

For even younger toddlers, there is also a smaller play pool, with a shallower water depth which is littered with ride-on animals and a see-saw.

Of course, what would a Swimming Complex be without an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

But to the monkies, that was not the main priority - why am I not surprised? - as they found something that was lacking in the Jurong West Aquatic Centre.

A giant Wave Pool! Much as the boys loved going on the meandering and twirling water slides at water parks, they somehow still prefer the likes of Lazy Rivers and Wave Pools. Sorry but I do not have any photos of them in action in the Wave Pool because when the waves were activated, I was erm, too busy having fun bobbing up and down along with the waves as well!

And I think all of us will agree - that this Wave Pool ranks as one of the best that we have experienced. The waves were strong enough but yet still suitable for children to have fun all by themselves. Even Ale was enjoying the waves all by herself (with me still by her side of course).

Younger children need not feel left out when it comes to the Wave Pool. There is an adjoining pool beside the Wave Pool with a small inlet for the waves to enter. As a result, the waves are gentler and more suited for younger kids who do not want to miss out on all the fun too!

I have to give a special mention to the many lifeguards on duty around the complex. They were always on alert, and were pretty strict with water safety. Which is always a good thing.

And just for the adrenaline seekers, there is the mandatory three-storey twirling closed tube slide (Min Height 1.2m) tucked away at the far end of the swimming complex.

Compared to the one at Jurong West Aquatic Centre, this one has more twists and turns coupled with the occasional sudden dips along the way. Definitely more fun, yes but it is nothing too scary overall.

The slide ends in a 0.9m pool so children should be able to recover on their feet almost immediately.

The entrance to the Lazy River (Water Depth: 0.9m) lies just beside the landing pool of the tube slide and this was where the monkies invaded next.

Compared to the previous Lazy Rivers that we are familiar with, this particular one does not continue in a loop. It has one start point and one end point instead. The currents are not strong at all, so that probably explained why people could enter the river from the end point and go against the currents. There is nothing too fanciful about the river, but the monkies still enjoyed their time inside... they used it as their refuge when the Wave Pool was not 'making waves'.

The wifey, on the other hand, sought refuge in a different place - the Spa Pool complete with bubbly foam!

To say the wifey loved soaking inside this pool is an understatement. The pool was warm and the Jacuzzi jets certainly upped the experience a few notches higher!

One plus point about Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex is the presence of a cafe located within the premises. It sells simple fare like fried bee hoon, nasi lemak, mee siam, chicken wings, fishballs... the very exact same food that brings back lots of memories for me. All because when I was younger, I used to eat such food whenever after I was done with my swimming lessons.

For the monkies though, it presented the perfect excuse for us to stay longer within the swimming complex as it meant they could finish their lunch and continue with their water play antics after that.

I have absolutely no reason to argue with that.

Useful Information

Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex
1 Choa Chu Kang St 53 Singapore 689236
Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang Station or Yew Tee Station
Opening Hours: 8.00am - 9.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday & Public Holidays) *Closed on Monday 
Admission Fees: Weekdays - Adults $1.50 Children $0.80 | Weekends - Adults $2, children $1

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Thank you for all the info, very interesting ☺️

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Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your kind words! Glad that it is of help! :)

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