Mar 20, 2014

Unleash Your Imagination

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Have you been imagining your vision for Project Jewel? Better hurry though, because the call for entry submissions closes at the end of this month! 

Well, in case you didn't read my first Project Jewel: IMAGINE post and can't be bothered to, Project Jewel is inviting members of the public to share their vision for the iconic development through IMAGINE. And yes, there is a separate judging group for children aged between 5 and 12 years old too! As long as you are aged 5 years and above and residing in Singapore, you can turn your figments of imagination into reality via art, in the form of any two-dimensional medium (photographs, drawings and sketches).

Ever since Ayd got wind of the contest, he has been highly enthusiastic in wanting to submit his very own entry... no doubt being fueled by his passion for all things music and the arts. But the initial brainstorming bit took a fair bit of time though. He pondered, and pondered some more.

I told him that there were actually no properly demarcated rules when it comes to submitting an artwork for the IMAGINE contest. It does not have to be related to Changi Airport, just something heartfelt and real. So basically, anything goes! And after a few weekends, this was what Ayd has to show for.

This is what Ayd wrote in his accompanying text description, when he submitted his artwork online:

Singapore is a clean and green country. I am always proud of the many green trees that Singapore has so that tourists can see how beautiful Singapore is when they come here.

Not too bad, no? For his efforts, he stands to win $500 worth of Changi Airport vouchers. There are a total of 5 such prizes to be won in the Junior Category (5 to 12 years old). For those aged 13 years and above, they can take part in the Open Category where 10 prizes of $1,000 worth of Changi Airport vouchers await!

Even if you don't win, there is still a possibility that your submission might be displayed for all to view as some submissions will be chosen and curated into larger-than-life creative interpretations, and reproduced as art on Project Jewel’s 800-metres of hoarding during its construction. Here is something even cooler - your submission may also be developed into art exhibits for display in Changi Airport itself, or produced into memorabilia as souvenirs for overseas visitors! Woot!

So perhaps that explained why Ayd insisted on churning out another work of art for the contest.

I guess it should be pretty obvious as to what mode of transportation in Singapore the painting depicts.

The closing date for entries is 31 March 2014, 2359 hours. So start cracking! Submit your artwork via Do note that only two-dimensional submissions are allowed, and these include photographs, drawings and sketches. Multiple submissions per person are allowed.

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