Apr 24, 2014

KidZania Singapore Updates

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KidZania, the theme park with zero rides or arcade attractions, is on track to open in Singapore in 2015. And come next year, we will all have another fabulous reason to visit Palawan Beach at Sentosa... especially my monkies, I think. 

The boys had their first taste of KidZania when they visited the Kuala Lumpur branch in 2012 and they loved it so much that we followed it up with another visit - this time with our buddies - six months later! So you can be sure they will be eagerly waiting for KidZania Singapore to open really soon.

Yesterday, KidZania Singapore announced more industry partners to be part of the educational and entertainment theme park. Because it combines role-playing with real life experiences in a kid-sized city that emulates the workings of a real city - think bank, university, fire station, radio station- to provide unique ‘edutainment’ fun, it is essential that KidZania Singapore ties up with the appropriate industry partners who share its vision of educating, empowering and inspiring 4 to 14 year olds in a safe and self-contained city environment.

Adding to the previous 6 industry partners (Maybank, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Yakult, Canon, The Soup Spoon, Killiney Kopitiam) announced last year, another 8 had come aboard to offer a diversifying range of career options for the little adults.

Children who visit the KFC Restaurant will play the role of a KFC Crew member, learn the importance of hygiene in the Food & Beverage Industry, prepare a KFC meal and bring it home to enjoy!

The Learning Lab
The Learning Lab University will be the gateway for children to acquire distinguished academic credentials. Armed with these prestigious qualifications, they can earn extra KidZos at selected establishments.

Children at the LoomiFunz Painting School will get to unleash their creative flair on the Mural Wall or take home their very own KidZania painting - all created with glow-in-the-dark paint!

Visitors to the Nickelodeon Acting Academy and Theatre will get to role-play as their favourite Nickelodeon characters. The aspiring thespians will be able to attend acting classes at the Acting Academy, wear character outfits and then perform for an audience at the Theatre.

Together with Canon, Pictureworks aims to capture the best memories of visitors in KidZania Singapore, with photo printing services for visitors to purchase in the form of photos, stamps and even key chains.

Pizza Hut
Young chefs will get to knead and shape pizza dough, add on their favourite toppings, before sending it to be baked at the Pizza Hut Restaurant. They will also be able to pack their pizzas into boxes to take home and enjoy with their family!

The Spritzet Bottling Plant offers children to play the role of an engineer, learn safety and hygiene matters, how natural mineral water is made, and the ingredients and processes that water has to go through before it is bottled and dispatched.

WTS Travel
At the WTS Travel counter, visitors can choose to be either a Tour Guide or purchase a ticket to be a Tourist for an in-depth city tour of KidZania Singapore. Each tourist is allowed to be accompanied by one adult to go on the tour with them. This is one of the activities that parents are able to participate with their children.

KidZania Singapore will span 7,600 square metres and be part of the new Family Entertainment Centre development at Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island.

Exciting, no? Let's get to 2015 already!!!

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Pinktini said...

Wow, exciting news! Too bad my kids would still be too young to go (they're 1 & 2 now). But I saw this in Taiwan before and am glad that something similar is opening here. Can they have an AdultZania? Hehe.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Pinktini,

They will have a dedicated play area for those aged 3 and below too. But it would not be jobs-related though.

Next yr, your eldest will turn 3, no? Maybe can go! :D

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