Jun 30, 2014

Dive into Swensen's Underwater Adventure for Kids

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You know today's kids have it good when their meals get served up in fancy brightly-coloured submarine boxes. Why can't adults get the same special treatment too?

With the Underwater Adventure Kid’s Meal - Swensen's kids-only meal offering - the little people can tuck into their favourite entrĂ©es, a nutritious corn-in-cup as a side, and a wholesome apple or orange juice, or a soft drink, all for just $9.90.

With a choice of 6 options, including the all-new Ham & Cheese Toasties, as well as all-time-favourites such as Fish ‘N’ Chippies, Spaghetti Twirlies,Cheesy Omelette, Chick 'N' Fries and Mac & Cheese, it is no wonder that the monkies had a mind-boggling time on finalizing their main courses.

Ash finally settled on the Cheesy Omelette, which predictably was a hit.

Ayd feasted on the Mac & Cheese, a crowd favourite with most children I believe.

The wifey and I also got to sample some of Swensen's Healthier Choice dishes which at first impression, looked a bit dull and unappetizing if I may be honest.

That was the Chicken Victoria by the way, chicken breast meat topped with creamy Victoria sauce. I have to admit, the chicken meat tasted waaaay better than it looks. It was rather tender and juicy, and the sauce complemented the meat perfectly.

The Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Pasta, with spaghetti topped with grilled chicken thigh smothered in teriyaki sauce, fared better in the looks department.

And the taste test? The Diva loved it so much that she abandoned her Kids Meal in exchange for a portion of that!

And as with all trips to Swensen's, there simply can be no closure if there isn't any ice cream at the end of the meal! So for a top-up amount of $2.90, kids can score a Treasure Chest sundae or a Coit Tower Junior.

Please pardon the boys' forced smiles. They were afraid that any slight delay taken up by me photographing them will cause their fave ice creams to have a severe meltdown.

Kids will also be able to bring home the submarine box - or as Swensen's call it, yellow SubmaRay - as a keepsake. Or if your kids are anything like my monkies, they may convert it into something entirely different, like a paper dress.

Every Swensen’s Underwater Adventure Kid’s Meal comes with a kid's activity sheet too, where kids are tasked to complete various word puzzle obstacles in order to aid a certain Snowie in finding the Eternal Ice Cream to save the Kingdom of Iceberg from melting. Yes, there is a storyline as well.

Whatever to keep the kids busy, no?

The new Underwater Adventure Kid’s Meal is available at all Swensen’s outlets from 1st June 2014. For more information, visit www.swensens.com.sg/dine-in/kids-menu/kids-menu-1.

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