Jun 15, 2014

Eu Yan Sang Power Up!

(Daddy powers up!)

My first brush with essence of chicken was - surprise surprise - when I was mugging away during life as a student. Come exam time, my mum never fails to prep me up with a bottle of essence of chicken every single night. Because let's face it, if I don’t have that black fuel with me at night, I am as good as dead when confronted by mountains of textbooks and notes which refuse to get into my head.

Now, I think I need it for the sleepless nights when Ale decides to go on one of her but-I-am-not-tired routines. Either that, or when the situation calls me to sit down with the boys to revise their school work during the exam period.

And speaking of exams, I will have love to share my stash of essence of chicken with them during this trying period. Unfortunately, the normal essence of chicken on the market is grossly unsuitable for children due to the addition of stimulants such as caffeine. More importantly though, caramel is present in essence of chicken and this is a big no-no for children. As caramel is an additive, the more food additives and preservatives kids get on a daily basis, the more their tiny livers has to detoxify.

Luckily though, children now have the privilege of enjoying chicken essence that is specially formulated for them, thanks to Eu Yan Sang.

Aptly named Power Up!, its essence of chicken is packed with high quality proteins made with 100% premium-grade essence of chicken and the finest of ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help boost kids' appetite, improve eyesight and enhance sleep. After all, protein is essential for toddlerhood as it is the fastest growth period.

On top of that, every bottle of Power Up! is 100% free from caramel colouring, added flavouring or salt, preservatives, sugar, fat and cholesterol, stimulants or caffeine. In fact, it has the honour of being the first and only essence of chicken in the market formulated for kids that is caramel-free. Simply put, this stuff is safe for kids as young as two years old.

Depending on your child's needs, there are three different types of Power Up! 100% Pure Chicken Goodness:

Power Up! Vision (Orange)
Packed with health benefits of Wolfberries, Beiqi and Baihe extract, it gives your child improved vision, better sleep quality and stronger metal clarity.

Power Up! Appetite (Blue)
This livens up the child's palate with Dangshen, Huaishan and Fuling extract, and improves appetite and soothes digestion.

Power Up! Concentration (Yellow)
Just pure essence of chicken, this aims to boost mental power, improve concentration and promote growth.

And talk about good timing. I received the Power Up! samples on the week of Ash's week-long mid-year exams. The eye-catching packaging definitely caught his eyes first and the more he scrutinized the wordings on the boxes, the more intrigued he was.

He was keen to try it, especially after reading that these tiny bottle of goodness will aid in boosting his mental power, improving concentration and having stronger clarity! I highly suspect he thinks he will power up like a superhero after downing a bottle.

I would not count essence of chicken as one of my top fave drinks of all time, so I was initially hugely skeptical of how Ash will take to its taste. After remarking that it tasted "a bit funny" after the first sip, he continued drinking and before I knew it, the bottle was empty!

He loved it... something I have to admit caught me by surprise. And as if to further demonstrate how much he enjoyed drinking it, he asked if he could have a second bottle! Failing which, he decided to lick the bottle clean instead. Because good things cannot waste, right?

And in the subsequent days leading to his exams, he was the one reminding me to give him his daily dose of Power Up! just before we head off to school!

How about Ayd and Ale? Ale had a whiff of it and decided it was not going to enter her mouth. Ayd gamely tried it and while it was not love at first taste, he finished half a bottle on his first try. I think he is slowly getting more receptive to it, remarking that he too will drink a bottle a day when it comes to his year-end exams.

OR I can just get the wifey to serve up some flavourful dishes for the monkies using Power Up! 100% Pure Chicken Goodness such as those found on Eu Yan Sang's Food & Recipes page.

They will never know the difference.

Now here's a giveaway just for our readers! (CLOSED)

Tell me, in 50 words or less, how you think Power Up! will benefit your child and you stand a chance to win a $100 Eu Yan Sang Voucher! 

Leave your answer in the comments section below together with your email and THREE winners with the best answers (as judged by Eu Yan Sang) will win a $100 e-voucher each to shop at Eu Yan Sang's online store. One entry per person, and this is open to Singapore residents only. Closing date of the giveaway is on 30th June 2014.


Congratulations to the following winners: 

Jennifer Lee
Robert Sim

You have each won a $100 e-voucher from Eu Yan Sang! Check your email inbox! :)

Power Up! Concentration (S$16.80), Power Up! Vision (S$17.80) and Power Up! Appetite (S$17.80) are retailing at all Eu Yan Sang Stores island-wide, and online HERE. Power Up! 100% Pure Chicken Goodness! is recommended for children aged 2 to 12. For more information, visit www.euyansang.com.sg/power-up/

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W said...

Hi, thanks for the recommendation and would really like to let my 4 yr old daughter try the power up! Appetite blue. She is recovering from a kidney related sickness and that would really help to improve her appetite now. Thanks. Darrendesm@hotmail.com

Celyncloset said...

As my kids age 6,4 & 2 refused to sleep early every night. And 2 of them are rather small build and skinny. I believe the Power Up Concentration will be able to help them to concentrate better during their lesson time and to help them in their growth!!! Celyn11@hotmail.com

Owner said...

My children will start attending preschool in two weeks time. Power Up! will boost their immune system stronger so that they won't miss out in their school and also give them the right energy they need to focus at school.

Unknown said...

I would love to have this for my kid as it is made up of traditional recipes using modern innovations thus making it a 100% natural delicacy with the necessary nutrients.

Unknown said...

My kids need energy boosters to go through many more years of back-breaking, soul-destroying "pressure cooking”. Power Up! Concentration is the fix-it-all in a bottle they need! 100% pure chicken goodness minus stimulants, caffeine, caramel colouring, added flavouring and preservatives.

Jennifer Lee said...

My two girls are 12 and 7 years old. The small one will need the Power Up! Vision for her increasing myopia since three years ago and Power Up! Appetite to help in improving appetite. She is currently underweight at 18 kg. My elder girl will find the Power Up! Concentration beneficial for that mental boost and concentration as she is in the final lap of preparing for PSLE!

Steffi SH said...

Power Up! Appetite would help my boy in improving his appetite (he is typical picker eater). And with this Power Up! Appetite, it can save the trouble for me to boil soup for him. I boil huai shan dang shen soup for him on weekly basis.


Jingxian said...

The 3 different types of Power Up! will suit my 4yo son well. Vision for his eyes as he just fail his first vision test. Appetite to improve his diet as he eats way too little. Concentration to help him focus better in school as he has short attention span.
I drink lots of chicken essence during exams, confinement and finds that it really perks me up.


SARINA said...

I think it's good to start from young so that they would benefit in the early stage which would strengthen them in the future. My child is currently 3years old and I hope she can benefit from this power up!


S Sim Neo said...

I cannot do my work for my daughter, so the next best thing would to equip her with a more alert brain, which can be accomplished by taking the Power Up! series of drinks! :)


coldkohmew said...

Will have better concentration in doing homework.


Debra said...

As parents, we always want the best for our children. Power Up! Concentration and Power Up! Appetite sound like they are made for my boys. They will be a great supplement for my picky pint-sized boys improving their appetites, improving their overall well-being and boosting growth hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I see that Power up! from Eu Yan Sang comes with beneficial supernatural ingredients that will really boost up my kids, additionally with the attractive packaging will surely be a Yes! for them! Surely, I look forward for them to have a taste of it!


Lu Siu Ching said...

Chinese proverb三岁定八十.It's important to start feeding the child with the right food to help them grow healthily.

I'm sure the Power Up! Vision and Power Up! Concentration would help my 3 year old daughter to focus well in her nursery classes, which will determine her future behaviour in later years.

Lu Siu Ching

Anonymous said...

My 3 kids will love this power up which wll enable to sleep well good appetite and concentrate well


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing and the giveaway. Vision power up will be good for my sons, especially for my no2 who was recently diagnosis with myopia. With increasing usage of tablets and computers, taking care of the eyes is a task!

Adeline @ GrowingwiththeTans said...

Noah is a really fussy eater, so Power Up! Appetite can boost his appetite, while Power Up! Concentration will help him to grow more, and be disciplined in doing his activities. Power Up! Vision will benefit the entire family: if Noah sleeps better, we will get more rest too.

Adeline / growingwiththetans@gmail.com

preciouz said...

My 5 year old son can say up from 7 plus am in the morning to late at night without napping. when I question him isnt he tired..his model answer is "i am very active".however , even as an adult doing his routine i personally feel tired. hope to win him some power up appetite to increase his food intake to give him the extra boost of energy as i try my best to give him an early night ( with lots of resistance!)

Anonymous said...

EYS Power Up! provides the necessary nutrients and dietary needs to my children in their growing years. Finally, there is a special formulated Essence of Chicken for the kids! So convenient and power-packed with goodness of tcm herbs!


Anonymous said...

extremely applicable to all children regardless of ages! power up appetite for fussy 6yr old eater. power up vision for restless 3yrs (due to interrupted sleep). lastly, coming to 1yr old boy can share with both sisters with power up concentration for a strong healthy foundation!
jiajun. jia2x@yahoo.com.sg

Anonymous said...

Power Up can help my girl to improve her vision because her eye sight degrees has been increasing tremendously. She has to spend at least 6 hours in school, sports as well as additional classes given by the teacher. Therefore energy boosting and concentration is important to her.


Anonymous said...

My little one is very fussy. He doesn’t like to take proper meal; always ask for milk. I have a hard time to solve his problem. I’d tried all kind of solutions but to no avail. Power Up series, especially the Power Up! Appetite, can improve his appetite and digestion.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that there is chicken essence for children with so many natural ingredients and benefits. This is a good time to start giving my little one to have a healthy start so that he will able to grow up strong, healthy and happy.

Sean Koh

Unknown said...

I think the EYS Power UP! will enable my kids to learn fast & sharp; eat well - happy tummy means happy baby; rest well and grow strong!


Yenny Lyne said...

Power Up! Concentration will be energy booster and beneficial to power up kids' concentration.
1 bottle a day will make a happy day in school.

Robert Sim said...

Power Up! is a convenient brew of all the goodness found in chicken essence - plus nourishing benefits of traditional herbs and attractive packaging; minus the hassle of double-boiling the chicken essence ourselves, bitter taste and artificial ingredients. Great for busy parents like me and picky eaters like my child!

Robert Sim, Robert_sim@yahoo.com

Ser said...

Power Up Concentrate to help my 2 boys to stay focus and concentrate better. When they stay focus in class, they will not require enrichment classes and hence free up time for more outdoor play!

Serene Leow

Anonymous said...

My 2.5yr old boy has stopped drinking milk since 20mths old. I hope Eu Yan Sang Power Up series will help improve his appetite, promote his growth and provide him with the nutrients necessary for his overall well being.


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