Jun 10, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

As we march steadily towards June 15, now is a great time to panic ponder over Father's Day gifts. But as much as I hate to admit, Dads are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. After all, the classic tie can only be presented so many times which incidentally ranks as the most popular of all Father's Day gifts. Golf clubs and hammers - don't ask - are also popular presents.

Of course, all Dads are special guys... even if they irritate the hell out of their other halves most of the time. But if you are anything like some Mummies I know (read: my wife), June creeps up and you are left scratching your head.

Fret not though, as I have made a handy list of five gift ideas that will hopefully show Dad that he is number one on June 15.

1. World Cup Football Jersey

With 2014 being a World Cup year, it will be criminal if Dad does not own a football jersey of the national team he supports. Go a step better and purchase matching jerseys for both him and your child. Mother and daughter need not get all the fun when it comes to matchy-matchy clothes, no? Dad will sure be proud to show off his favorite sport and child at the same time!

2. Staycation or Short Getaway

Personally, I do not expect any Father's Day gifts. (If you are reading this, wifey, please ignore the previous sentence.) Yes, the cliche still holds - as long as my family is happy and healthy, I am happy. But if I am forced to translate it into something more tangible, a short vacation or staycation with the family will be it.

But a short recharge does not necessarily mean breaking the bank account. The UK Agro Farm Resort is about one hour's drive away from Singapore and is Malaysia's largest goat and sheep farm. It is good for a day trip, but if you are looking for a farm stay experience without busting your wallet, this is as good as it gets. Or Lotus Desaru Beach Resort houses a water park within its compound, that will sure to keep the kids (including Dad) happy and entertained.

3. Any Men's T-shirt from naiise.com

What can I say about their Men's tees? I love them all! You really have to take a look at them - from the retro 'High Voltage T-Shirt' to the plain right bawdy tees, they will strike a chord with the Dad. Especially if they have gone through National Service.

OR you could browse through a special collection that I have specially curated just for Dads here.

4. Rediscover Dad's Childhood

Want a more heartfelt gift that requires more effort than dollars? Find out where Dad used to hang out back during his school days, the eating places he used to frequent almost every week without fail, or his favourite childhood snack and relive it together with him and the kids! This will allow him to share more of his childhood memories with the kids and the kids to form a deeper connection in return.

5. 'Keep Calm and Father On' Book

If all else fails, there is always the one book to rule them all. Keep Calm and Father On is collection of 399 quotes from around the world and across time - some of the best things that have ever been said about this magical journey called Fatherhood.

And why quotes, instead of a normal fiction book? Quotes could also be described as bite-sized life lessons, so they provide important knowledge that may specifically help Dads improve the quality of their Fatherhood journey. And because quotes are so succinct, they can sometimes be used to communicate complex ideas in just a few words - words that they can turn to in times of sadness and difficulty in order to find comfort and inspiration. Or perhaps even a few chuckles.

But the real reason in why you must get the book as a Father's Day gift is simply because, I wrote the Foreword for the book.

As an added bonus, I have asked 5 Daddy Bloggers to share with me the one Father's Day gift they will love to receive.

Andy of SengkangBabies
"GoPro Camera."

Daddy M of The Wacky Duo:
"A digital photo frame that can auto-play pictures and videos. It would be great if the device can pull in pictures from social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. That way I can 'bring ' the family and the memories to the office. Given that I do take a lot of photos of the family, it will be great if I can enjoy them while I work."

Isaiah of The J Babies' Dad:
"iPad Mini."

Steven of The 'Perfect' Father:
"I would love to receive a surprise holiday with the family to somewhere the kids can roam and enjoy themselves without a care in the world and where my wife and myself can relax and while the time away."

Winston of The Blogfather:
"The Blogfather wants a car for Father's Day. No wait, a truck. Which red-blooded man doesn't want a sports truck? A 2014 Mitsubishi Triton L200 double cab auto transmission, with oversize wheels and COE all in. Failing which, a 5-year-old Mazda 3 also can. I'm not picky."

Hopefully, I have given you enough ideas to mull over! Here's wishing all Fathers and Fathers-to-be a very Happy Father's Day! 

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SherleneC said...

Was hunting for some Father's Day gifts for this year! Thanks for the suggestions @Cheekiemonkies If you are doing one for this year, I also found some cool ones here: https://www.merrymaker.com/build-a-box

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