Jul 14, 2014

Be a Young Scientist at Science Ahoy!

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As much as I remember fervently collecting country flag erasers while I was in Primary School, one of the best school memories that I had was trying to earn as as many 'Young Scientist' badges as I could. These badges came in the form of various science themes like 'I am a Young Entomologist, 'I am a Young Zoologist' and 'I am a Young Geologist'. 

To score one, I had to complete a Young Scientist card, which had tasks with numbered stars of varying difficulty. And if you remember those fun times of collecting 10 different types of seeds (3 stars) for 'I am a Young Botanist' or using waste materials to make something which is useful or decorative (2 stars) for 'I am a Young Environmentalist' AND enjoy doing them, you will be glad to know that your kids will also have the chance to try out some of the activities!

As part of Singapore Science Festival 2014, Science Ahoy! consists of a series of experiments in the various subjects of Science, giving young children the opportunity to engage in activities from the Young Scientist Cards and experience what it is like to be a Scientist.

For $5 per child - accompanying adults play for FREE (Woohoo!) - each 'sailor' will receive a survival pack that comes in the form of a book.

There are a total of 5 stations, where kids will be tasked to use Physics to build their own transport, Chesmistry to aid in their survival, Mathematics to protect themselves, Geology to learn about the Earth's crust movements, and Astronomy to tell the time without a watch.

In truth, words like 'surface tension', 'buoyancy', 'polymers' and 'tectonic plates' are pretty large words for young kids but the presence of a series of experiments which allowed them to get their hands dirty, sticky and soapy definitely made the concepts seem less alien.

One hit with the monkies was the 'Gooey Marmalade' station, where they got to make their very own food substitute.

Using psyllium see husks - a common fibre anti-constipation supplement -  and water, the kids created a mixture that is all gooey and slimy. And with kids, anything slimy is always fun to touch!

Other mini-projects that the kids completed included crafting a mid-section model of the Earth using Plasticine, and learning more about perimeter and area using grid paper and a strand of string.

Upon completion of each task in the various stations, a piece of a treasure map will be given. Collect all the pieces, put them together, and kids will be rewarded with a treasure for their efforts!

But be quick if you wish to locate the treasure... Science Ahoy! will be ending its sailing expedition this Friday on 18th July 2014! And you can be sure there will be loads of other science-related activities lined up for the 2-week Singapore Science Festival too!

Useful Information

Science Ahoy!
Science Centre, Annexe Hall 1
Dates: 11 - 18  July 2014
Time: 9.30am - 6pm daily
Fee:  $5 per child; Accompanying adults enter FREE
*Fee does not include entry to Science Centre
Recommended time: 1.5 hours

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