Aug 23, 2014

Fashion Styling Tips for Kids

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Kids are not really the easiest little ones to dress. Even at a young age, they start developing personal preferences and favorites - the pink tutu, polka dot sweater, and green rain boots go very well together, they insist. So whether you dress them or they dress themselves, you can allow them to make their own fashion choices by limiting their wardrobe to the right clothes.

And the right clothes do not mean costly. Neither is it all about trends, because we all know how fast kids grow. But it is about mixing, matching, styling and looking gorgeous - without having to splurge!

Which was exactly what the wifey and I learnt when we attended FOX Kids & Baby's Little Fashionista Styling Workshop, where stylist Evon Chng taught us parents the art of styling our kids and what type of clothes suit our monkies best in order to bring out their personality.

SengkangBabies are stylish too!

Well, it helped too that FOX Kids and Baby's newest Fall/Winter 2014 Collection have arrived in stores islandwide which at first glance, offered an exciting range suitable for casual and special occasions.

More importantly though, we picked up some tips when it comes to dressing our monkies:

1. Try to combine trendiness with value-for-money shopping because not only will children outgrow their clothes at a rapid rate, durability of the clothes is important too.

2. Keep it simple. Over-matching clothes can a nightmare to look at while extremely fanciful outfits (especially if the occasion does not call for it) would look downright silly and uncomfortable for the child.

 3. Choose the correct fit. Too big or too small clothing may create unwanted problems for kids, especially if they are extremely active.

4. Don't spend a fortune. Keep in mind that children grow up way too fast for our liking. What may be baggy jeans now may be super tight fitting a few months later. Save money by buying just the clothings they need for the current season. And of course, keeping an eye on the start of FOX Kids & Baby sales definitely help too!

5. Nothing picks up the mood of everyone, like bight and happy colours do. So for us, kids clothing is all about colour... because black is for grown-ups.

At the end of the day, no amount of styling for our kids will ever work if they do not feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. The most important thing is to respect our kids' own decisions too, as they need to feel right at home and happy wearing their clothes. So it makes sense to purchase kids clothes that not only are pleasant to wear, but put them at ease too - like FOX Kids & Baby apparel!

To view FOX Kids & Baby latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection, visit HERE and HERE.

And to keep updated with the latest news and promotions from Fox Kids & Baby, follow them on Facebook (Fox Fashion (Singapore).

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