Aug 4, 2014

More than just Pies and Coffee

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People say the best way to enjoy one's weekend is almost always to get a good night's sleep, laze in bed the morning after and get out of bed after the clock strikes noon. I used to think that too... until the kids came along. Because they have been taught since birth that parents hate sleep, so they take it upon their duty to wake up extremely early on weekend mornings to render sleeping in utterly impossible.

Now, I settle for the next best thing - having a hearty breakfast or brunch on weekends, even better if the food is something that even the monkies approve of!

Photo snapped by Ale by the way

Pies & Coffee was founded in 2011, specializing in gourmet pies and coffee but now, it is really more than just pies and coffee. For one, it boasts an expanded food menu with yummy breakfast sets, sandwiches, salads, soups and more. And the new outlet at at Robertson Walk has a much larger seating area compared to its other outlets, making it the perfect dining place for families with young children to meet up.

The wifey and I simply love the pies from Pies & Coffee - the Lamb Shank Pie and Lime Meringue Tart are our faves if you must know - and even the kids love its Chicken & Mushroom Pie!

But all those pies were quickly forgotten when we saw what the brunch menu had to offer.

Of course, there was still the small business of choosing our beverages so while Ash settled for the Iced Chocolate ($6.90), Ayd decided a weekend brunch should never fail to include a creamy Strawberry Millshake ($7.80).

Ale was nursing a slight cough, so she had to go for the Hot Chocolate ($5.90). And it turned out to be a great choice as she declared it to be fit for a princess!

It was hard to say whether the princess she was referring to was herself or Princess Sofia, though I think the latter was more interested in my Cappuccino ($5.80).

Finally, it was time to tuck into our brunch and for the young kids in the family, their facial expressions will surely mirror that of the Kid'z Brekkie ($8.50) when they set their sights (or forks) on it.

Or at least that was what happened with Ale. The fun and happy breakfast for little ones comes with creamy egg mayonnaise, baked beans, grilled chicken sausage and a croissant... all to start the morning on the right note!

Ayd loved his breakfast to be really sweet, so he was gunning for the Hazelnut Banana Pancakes ($10.90) the moment he caught sight of it in the menu.

A stack of fluffy pancakes sandwiching banana slices and berries, complete with a velvety homemade hazelnut spread that lusciously flows down like a waterfall - how can anyone resist that? Certainly not Ayd!

Ash, on the other hand, went for something savoury and Eggs, Beans & Crisp ($12.90)  it was.

Baked beans nestled within a huge scoopful of creamy egg mayonnaise and the grilled chicken sausage did wonders for Ash's appetite... while the crisps were the subject of Ale's constant sneaky swiping.

The wifey settled for the basic breakfast works, the Hearty Brekkie ($14.50) which also happens to be Pies & Coffee’s signature breakfast platter. If you are looking to satisfy both sweet and savoury cravings, this will be your best bet with toasted Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, a cheesy chicken sausage and a side of mesclun salad. I thought that the waffles were an interesting alternative to the regular toast bread that most other breakfast sets serve with.

As for me, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Bagel Stack ($14.50), where truffle mashed potatoes with green peas, sautéed fresh button mushrooms and velvety scrambled eggs are stacked gloriously on top of a toasted bagel. The crown jewels? That generous serving of smoked salmon, definitely.

One other brunch item on the menu that we did not get to try was the Sunriser ($12.90), a harmonious combination of truffle mash and cheesy chicken sausage contained in pastry cups, and topped with a whole egg - all baked to perfection.

Guess we would just have to make our way down to Pies & Coffee another day then. But not before signing up for its Mobil Loyalty Programme!

 If you are heading down to Pies & Coffee, be sure to sign up for its FREE Rewards Programme by visiting You will get 1 stamp for every $12 spent, and a FREE Choice of Hot Drink can be redeemed with 8 Stamps!

Like the gourmet pies Pies & Coffee have been serving since 2011, we found the brunch items are unpretentious but yet, tantalising fare. Great fuel to start the weekend with the family... and it is something that I think the royalty will agree.

Useful Information

Pies & Coffee @ Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street, #01-25
Tel: 6733 9272
Opening Hours: 8.30am - 11pm (Sun - Thur); 8.30am - 12am (Fri - Sat)
Brunch Hours: Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5pm; Weekends: 8.30am - 10am and 3pm to 5pm
*All Brunch sets come with a glass of Orange or Cloudy Apple Juice.
For other Pies  Coffee branches, visit

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