Aug 14, 2014

Painting from the heART

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When Ayd found out that his one-term art lessons at heART Studio had ended in May, he was sad. Yes, really really genuinely sad. 

I have seen how depressed he was when it came to checking out of hotels at the end of our holidays, or when we had to bid theme parks farewell after a day of fun but never have I seen him so disappointed when he realised his 10-week journey with heART Studio was over. 

He pleaded with the wifey and me to let him continue his art lessons, and I told him that I would decide after the June School Holidays. Well, it turned out that heART Studio must have missed Ayd too as they invited him back for a second term! So I guess it was a happy ending after all.

Personally, I was happy too as I could see the development and progress in Ayd after one term. And by that, I do not mean just the artistic aspect. I had previously blogged on the positive impact that heART Studio had on his self-confidence and how he began to take more responsibility in his daily routines.

Of course, a conducive environment helps too. heART Studio's 2-storey premise is neat, and fully air-conditioned. Lessons for the younger age group are conducted on the first level, while those for the older children are held in the basement level. The classrooms are of adequate sizes, and there is a washing area too. Toilets are located outside of the studio, but within the building so the staff will accompany the younger kids to the toilet if the need arises.

I love how the term lessons are conducted too. Throughout the term, various themes will be introduced and each will typically last over a 5-week period. Each theme will allow children to come into contact with a variety of materials. So what this means is that their art expression will not be solely confined to the likes of paper or canvas but a mixture of mediums including clay, Paper Mache and acrylic.

Caring and nurturing teachers help immensely as well. Even a greater bonus when the teacher manages to click with his students. Ayd's teacher, Gaz, is incredibly passionate, lively and most important of all, patient. So it is no wonder that Ayd simply ADORES his Teacher Gaz, who is probably one of the reasons why he looks forward to his art classes every week.

The theme for the first half of the new term is Self-portraits, where Ayd was tasked to draw a portrait of himself using reference from his photo. He was taught to divide the photo into square grids and use them to draw the various face features onto his artwork. After 5 weeks, this was what he has to show for his efforts.

Pretty good effort, toothless smile and all. Definitely one of my favourite art pieces from him so far, and I could tell he was extremely proud of it too!

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