Aug 25, 2014

The Birth of Disney Baby

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There isn't any parent, or child for that matter, who is not familiar with Mickey or Minnie Mouse methinks. So it makes perfect sense for Disney to enter a whole new world with the launch of new Disney Baby brand and range today, marking its Southeast Asia debut at Singapore’s leading parenting expo - Rise and Shine over the weekend.

The new Disney Baby collections provide feel-good, unique products exclusively for children ages 0- to 2-years-old, from apparel to infant care products to bedding.

The entire range of Disney Baby licensed consumer products offering for expectant parents, new-borns and toddlers are organized around key moments of the day, including Dressing Baby, Mealtime, Playtime and On-the-Go. In short, cutsey Disney-themed products for every imaginable baby moment... even highchairs and strollers!

Ale and I had a preview of some the new products available at Disney Baby's booth at Rise and Shine Expo, and these included:

Dressing Baby - From bodysuits to adorable outfits, why do I get the feeling that these clothing appeal more to the parents than the baby?

Mealtime - Since mealtime can be messy, why not use cute products to make the experience slightly more bearable? Disney Baby’s Mealtime range includes feeding bottles, tableware, highchairs and even transitional items like sippy cups and boosters.

Playtime - In short, every product one can imagine to illicit oohs and awwws (yes, adults too), including toys, plush, books, music and activity gear to stimulate Baby through every stage.

On-the-Go - From strollers and diaper bags to toys to entertain baby, Disney Baby has all the essentials for everything on-the-go.

Predictably for Ale, she fell in love with the Minnie Mouse-themed room set-up where she spent the longest time exploring and pointing every single Minnie Mouse product to me.

Ultimately though, it took something that she loved even more to peel her away from the Disney Baby booth.

Princess Sofia!

Just like how the Disney Baby brand aims to provide parents with essential products and information they need for creating magical moments right from the start, getting to hold hands with Princess Sofia created that magical moment for Ale too I reckoned.

In celebration of the Southeast Asia debut, Toys 'R' Us Singapore will be launching a month-long Disney Baby promotion from 21 August  to 22 September 2014. Toys 'R' Us Star Card members have a chance to win a gold Mickey pendant, worth $160 courtesy of Poh Heng, with every $50 worth of Disney Baby products purchased. For details, visit HERE.

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