Aug 10, 2014

Turning 8 Today

Today, our favourite 7-year-old in the world is nowhere to be found, because our hearts are drawn to a freshly-minted 8-year-old.

Ayd, you are 8 years old today. You are still so young but you have grown up so much.

Your first year was all about discoveries. We got to know you. You got to know us. And we soon realized you are a smart, happy, precocious, lovable little boy.

Then you started to become the person we adore even more. The boy with the soft floppy hair. And your smile. And that perfectionist streak within you. The boy who could puncture a sheet of paper with an eraser just because you are not satisfied with your writing. The boy who never fails to give everyone hugs and kisses. The boy who burst into tears upon receiving his most-wanted present last Christmas. The boy who makes every day a blessing.

The more you have grown, the more you have explored. But on your terms. At your own pace. You have markedly improved leaps and bounds in your second year of Primary School. What once were uncontrollable mood breakdowns in class during Primary 1 have been replaced by resilience and the desire to improve. We have seen your effort to change and for that, we are so proud of you.

You have an amazingly wild imagination. And you love everything that has to do with art and puzzles. You are outgoing, observant, exuberant - always getting a huge kick out of making us laugh.

And courageous too, as you seem to exhibit no fear at theme parks, riding all of the rides you are tall enough to go on, and keeping such a cool face on some of those rides - even as your older brother is freaking out beside you.

But I think I am having a good time keeping up with you.

Just recently, you said you wanted to be a construction worker when you grow up. I think you meant an architect. Either that, you must have been heavily influenced by Emmet of The LEGO Movie fame. But I will be proud of you no matter what, just for being you. Funny, smart, curious and so full of energy.

You have come so far in such a short amount of time. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. The ups and downs. The doubts and triumphs. The guffaws and tantrums. I am so glad to have known you, Ayd.

Happy 8th Birthday to my Emmet. Your Mummy, Ash, Ale and I love you more than words could possibly say.

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SengkangBabies said...

Happy Birthday Ayden, you are always the Stylo one!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Andy for your Birthday wishes!!! :)

Sgpwritingh said...

Happy birthday to your boy! :) I was wondering what to do today with the children . It's psle marking and I remember your really great list of to - dos.. Thanks for sharing that!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi The Singapore Writing Homemaker,

No problem! Glad you found it to be useful! :)

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