Oct 23, 2014

A TV that is Smarter than Smart


It's getting increasingly hard to buy a non-smart television these days. The norm for televisions these days seems to be the ability to go beyond watching usual TV shows - whether they offer one-touch access to apps, surf the web and stream internet videos from the comfort of one's sofa. Popularly known as Smart TVs, televisions have certainly come a long way since the days of black and white shows.

But not all Smart TVs are created equal and with Toshiba's newly launched TV with Android L54 series, it looks set to the leader in the field of Smart TVs.

First things first, the Toshiba L5450 series is one lean machine, and comes packed with a suite of innovative features such as CEVO Engine Premium, Intelligent Scene Optimiser and new eco-friendly initiatives essential for bringing home viewers closer to professional theatre experience on a larger screen.

More importantly though, it has the honour of being the FIRST digital TV with Android in Asia so what this means is one will be able to enjoy abundance of Apps with the sustainable Android open platform.

Think having an Android phablet or tablet, but on a much much much larger scale! Not only will there be thousands of apps available for download from the Google Play Store, watching online movies and music videos, browsing the web and playing online games will never be the same again.

Yes, even viewing Word documents, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations on the TV.

And speaking of playing games, I had the opportunity to try out a game app that was downloaded from the Google Play Store. I had initially wondered if the graphics would suffer as a result of the huge screen size but as things turned out, my gaming experience on the big screen was anything but disappointing.

Oh, and did I mention that the L54 series is also capable of supporting external game pads for playing Android games? No additional drivers are needed to make the controllers work, I was told.

Just like any device that runs on Android, one will be able to customize the home screen with “live wall paper” - think swimming kois - and drag & drop widgets too.

Web browsing is also a cinch, with the option adding instant bookmarks to the home screen a breezy affair.

The great thing about Toshiba's TV with Android L54 series is everyone in the family will be able to personalize their apps and settings by logging into their individual user accounts. Even an Android tablet cannot do that!

One of the great advantages that Toshiba's L54 has over its competitors is the presence of far more onboard memory within the TV. Other brands' Smarts TVs typically come with less than 1GB of memory space, leaving inadequate free space for the download of desired apps. Toshiba's L54 contains more that twice of the memory space, which essentially translates to being able to download more apps for the family.

Love singing? The Toshiba L54 is able to fulfill your karaoke cravings by turning YouTube music videos into karaoke soundtracks with its “Audio Source Filtering”. Don't ask me how it is done, but all I know that you will be able to block out the lyrics of the music video while keeping the music in the background.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this feature was that of Ale singing 'Let It Go'... on Repeat mode.

All in, my first impression of Toshiba's TV with Android L54 series is that everything is beautifully simple. Whether it is web-browsing, watching online videos or playing games, the interface is as easy to use and intuitive as one can get... all because it is run on the familiar Android platform.

The downside? It may be tough to wrestle that remote away from every one else in the family!

Check out all the cool stuff the Toshiba TV with Android L54 series can do in the video below!

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