Nov 23, 2014

Gardens by the Bay Just Got More Interactive

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I may be wrong but to me, plants are not exactly the most exciting living things on this planet. I mean I love bringing the family to the parks for strolls, and especially Gardens by the Bay for the wide variety of trees, shrubs and plants. But the truth is, every time the monkies ask me about a certain plant I am stumped.

Not anymore.

Not when I have the new Gardens by the Bay mobile app downloaded into my smartphone or tablet.

The app, which is available FREE on both Android and iOS platforms, serves as a practical multimedia guide, providing an introduction to the vast collection of plant life throughout the Gardens. Available in five languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Japanese, the app also offers nuggets of information relating to the diverse habitats around the world. 

Using GPS and way-finding technology, the app offers an interactive map and encourage visitors to explore various locations, ranging from the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest to the open areas in Gardens by the Bay.

The monkies got a preview of the mobile app last week, where they were tasked to go on a mini Treasure Hunt around the Gardens using the app.

And as you can probably guess, they were hugely enthusiastic... until I had trouble keeping up with them!

Their enthusiasm largely stemmed from the fact that they were able to earn virtual rewards by looking for spots marked in the interactive map and completing scavenger-like challenges at the various locations.

Botany Hunt saw them using a photo and a map hint while attempting to locate five different plants and scan a special QR code in order to learn a fun fact about them.

Hidden Secrets then had them scanning the area with the tablet so as to look for five virtual plants related to a section of the garden with an Augmented Reality challenge.

Build Your Garden was the most relaxing game of the lot as the monkies just needed to rebuild part of the garden in a simple puzzle game. Which also meant I was able to rest my legs too!

When all 3 games were successfully completed, a fourth game will be unlocked - Where in the World, which the boys navigated with ease by answering a few trivia questions.

By completing more challenges, the boys were able to grow their own Tree of Knowledge which came loaded with fun and interesting facts about the plants in that section of the Gardens. Nothing like an electronic walking encyclopedia to answer the questions on my behalf!

Our past visits to Gardens by the Bay usually see us breezing through the plant exhibits but this time around, the boys took a genuine interest in wanting to learn more about the plants featured in the mobile app which definitely made this visit more engaging and enriching.

So the next time you bring your kids down to Gardens by the Bay, be sure to arm your smartphone or tablet with the Gardens by the Bay mobile app beforehand. Because not only will you be able to navigate the Gardens easily with the geolocation-enabled map, the kids will get a kick in growing their own Tree of Knowledge by completing augmented reality challenges and engaging mini-games!

You can download the Android version HERE or iOS version HERE.

Oh, and be sure to check out Gardens by the Bay's Yuletide in the Flower Dome display too!

Get chilly in a wintry wonderland with temperatures to match, as a glistening tower gleams in a realm of dreams. Admire a charming little town adorned with poinsettias and Christmas trees, then learn more about how plants adapt to survive winter on its Garden Trail. And did I mention Miffy will be making an appearance too? Check out all the details HERE.

It is truly, starting to look a lot like Christmas. :)

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