Nov 3, 2014

Kids Detectives Spotted at Parkway East Hospital

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Somehow, the medical profession never fails to intrigue and excite kids of all ages. Which probably explains why the previous editions of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital's 'Doctor For A Day' and 'Hospital Land' were such huge hits that the registration slots were fully subscribed in a matter of minutes!

So when a brand new 'Health Detective Day' series rolled along, the monkies were naturally clamouring to participate once again. Only problem was it was being held at Parkway East Hospital over the weekend but this blur sotong of a Daddy conveniently assumed the location was at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Obviously we ended up at the wrong place, and the boys were understandably disappointed. Perhaps in the truest testament to the series' engaging and interesting nature, both Ash and Ayd asked if they could still be make it for their session. And since I am not one who will break my boys' hearts, their wish is my command.

Instead of the usual doctor's white coat or green scrubs, the kids were dressed in true Sherlock Holmes style. After all, the Kids Health Detective Experience called on them to find out more about the different occupations in a hospital, and experience jobs like a general practitioner, a dietician and a radiologist.

I think of the three occupations, the boys had most fun being a dietitian where they learnt more about the consequences of eating junk food and the advantages of including more protein and fibre in their diet.

And just like that, graduation was soon in sight.

The great thing about 'Health Detective Day' was the kids were not the only ones having fun. Grandparents could get involved too, by joining in the Grandparents Detective Health Experience where they got to learn more about healthy eating, muscle strengthening exercises and even had the chance to get a cataract screening by experienced eye specialists!

Of course, being a kid still rules so it was no wonder that a carnival stocked with funfair games and a bouncy castle was embraced by my monkies.

If you have missed this edition or did not manage to secure any slots for your child, fret not. Download the ‘Doctor for a Day’ app by Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital through Google Play or App Store, and your child may just win a FREE chance chance to participate in the popular 'Doctor For A Day'!

Recommended for children aged 4 to 8, the free-to-play edutainment app allows a child to earn points and unlock achievements while playing the game and exchange for PHYSICAL doctors’ toys! There are no in-app purchases or pop-up advertisements within the app as well.

But perhaps the most enticing bit of all has to be the chance to win a Gold Ticket through the app! 

To receive a Gold Ticket, one will need to play the ‘Hard’ level of the ‘Anatomy Memory Game’ within the App and if you make it to the top 400 on the Leaderboard, a Golden Ticket to experience the exclusive ‘Doctor for a Day’ programme at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital will be yours!

A little bird told me that the next edition will be held in December this year, so what are you waiting for?

Do follow Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s Facebook page for more updates.

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