Nov 10, 2014

May the Fourze be with you

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Growing up, I remembered briefly watching the Kamen Rider (or Masked Rider) on television but I cannot exactly say that I was a huge fan of the motorcycle-riding superhero with an insect motif as a helmet. But like any other long-running series, Kamen Rider has undergone a few incarnations with Kamen Rider Fourze being its 22nd series.

I have to admit - when the boys first received toys from the Kamen Rider Fourze, all of us had no clue what the tokusatsu (a live-action film or TV drama that features a considerable use of special effects, like Ultraman and Power Rangers) series was all about.

But there's always Google, no? As it turns out, Kamen Rider Fourze began airing in September 2011 and follows the adventures of Gentaro, a new student at Amanogawa High School. He stumbles onto the 'Fourze Driver' belt, which transforms him into Kamen Rider Fourze. The belt gets its various powers from devices called Astro Switches to conjure attachments to Fourze's limbs, like this Rocket on his right hand.

And as luck would have it, the Kamen Rider Fourze series began airing on OKTO channel last Saturday (8 Nov 2014) at 11am and the boys had the opportunity to catch it for the first time. My first impressions of the series was it is extremely goofy with high levels of comedic action. Erm, just the way my boys like it. 

I did further research online and found out that in 2011, the creators had planned to create a hero that would make the children of Japan smile again, helping them to cope with the after-effects of the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. There were not going to be any dark story-lines but rather, the inclusion of over-the-top jokes and slapstick comedy was to keep the tone of the series fun.

So with a greater understanding of how Kamen Rider Fourze gets his powers, the boys' interest in the toys were greatly piqued. And obviously, the first toy that both Ash and Ayd eyed was the Fourze Driver Belt.

In the show, Gentaro transforms into Lamen Rider Fourze by inserting four Astro Switches into the switch sockets of the belt and the pushing the Enter Lever on the side of the belt to initiate transformation. These Astro Switches - there are 40 to collect! *faint* - arm him with unique weapons like a rocket, missile launcher, drill and radar.

Of course, the boys did not transform into the actual Kamen Rider Fourze but the different sound effects that each Astro Switch made were enough to fire up the boys' imagination and kept them busy for quite a long while.

Oh, and see the gun and sword that the boys are holding? So apparently, Kamen Rider Fourze is able to morph into various states as well. 

Kamen Rider Fourze's gold-coloured Elek State can be accessed by the Elek Switch at full power, which gives him the ability to control electricity and use the sword-like 'Billy The Rod'. As for his red-coloured Fire State, it grants him the power to control - what else - fire and use the 'Hee-Hackgun' which has both fire and water-based attacks.

The great thing about the Astro Switches is that they are interchangeable from weapon to weapon, which make the weapons hum a different sound effect whenever a different Astro Switch is used.

Looking at the boys' serious poses, I think I can safely assume they would be catching the Kamen Rider Fourze series on OKTO faithfully every Saturday at 11am from now on.

Or maybe they will fancy a Meet & Greet session with the hero himself at the BANDAI CHARAFEST 2014 at United Square Atrium (B1) from 12 to 16 November 2014!

Here are what to expect at the BANDAI CHARAFEST 2014:

On-stage activities:

- Tamagotchi Meet & Greet Session: Come meet Mamemitchi & Yumemitchi live on stage at United Square B1; 12-16 Nov 2014 Daily 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
- Kamen Rider Meet & Greet Session: Come meet Fourze live on stage on Sat & Sun 1pm, 3pm & 5pm.
- Take part in the Kamen Rider Fourze Henshin contest and stand a chance to win a top prize hamper worth $300! Participants simply have to impersonate Kamen Rider Fourze “transformation” pose! *Contest will be held during the Meet & Greet session on Sat only.  Final on Sun 5pm.

Off-stage Activities

- Photo opportunity with 2m Baymax Inflatable Statue.
- Stamp Rally: Kids can join the fun stamp rally and get a free goodie bag after completing 3 stations! No purchase required!


Thanks to Sheng Tai Toys, I have FIVE Kamen Rider Fourze belt worth $129.95 each to give away!

To take part, simply follow the following steps:

1. LIKE Sheng Tai Toys Facebook Page HERE, if you have not done so.

2. Email Sheng Tai Toys at with the following details:

Name of Parent:
Facebook Name:
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Name of Child:
Child's Date of Birth:

3. Leave a comment either in THIS blog post or on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE to let me know once you have completed the 2 steps above.

Important: You have to complete all three steps in order to be eligible for the draw.

This giveaway is open to all residents in Singapore. Giveaway ends on 18 November 2014, 2359 hours. Good luck!

Kamen Rider Fourze toys are retailing at all major departmental stores.

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Mildred Tan said...

Steps done. Tks!

CGNG said...

Hi. After watching the first epidode of Fourz in TV; my son love it very much. He is a karmen rider fan and won't miss any karmen rider show.... he has lots of karmen rider toy too.

Rina lim said...

my both boys they love karmen rider. they like to act as them to attach all the bad guy

preciouz said...

done all steps

Anonymous said...

Done all steps too. It is my son favourite toy and drama.

Jingxian said...

steps done.

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addy tan said...

done all. Thanks.

HappieDay said...

Liked and email sent! Thank you!

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