Nov 8, 2014

Samsung KidsTime: Educational Fun for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

Product Review

I think I have a happy problem.

Ever since the boys had their first taste of Samsung KidsTime a few weeks back, they have been clamouring to have more time exploring the educational games and eBooks that the ingenious app has to offer. So yes - for the first time in forever, I was actually more than happy to grant them more time on KidsTime since the games were way more educational compared to the Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies staples that the boys adore.

If you do not know it already, Samsung KidsTime is a child-friendly learning platform developed by Samsung with over 80 games and ebooks and it uniquely teaches and motivates children aged between 3 and 7 years old to learn and be more proactive with kids-safe curated content. Parents can be sure that the games and ebooks present in Samsung KidsTime have been carefully handpicked to reflect the various educational aspects crucial in a child's development.

What's more, there are absolutely zero advertisements and in-app purchases. Frankly, I have never felt safer in a mobile application for children until KidsTime came along!

I think the thing that parents today fear most about the effect that technology has on their kids is addiction, or the over-reliance of their kids to constantly be in front of the screen and swiping or tapping away. And more often than not, the games or apps that the little ones are exposed to offer little value in terms of educational benefits. Which is a vicious cycle really, since their minds are not engaged most of the time, leading to an unproductive use of time.

But yet when it comes to technology, one thing is for certain - our children cannot afford to fear or shun it. Like it or not, technology is not only here to stay but constantly evolving. Education is the key, which is why responsible usage of digital devices is best taught when kids are young. 

And judging from a recent survey commissioned by Samsung KidsTime, parents in the South East Asia region have the exact same concerns when it comes to mobile device usage among their children.

I guess the survey pretty much sums up what most parents around the region, including me, are feeling about proliferation of digital devices into their kids' everyday lives. Almost all parents have valid concerns on how prolonged device usage could have negative impact on their kids' health, unwanted exposure to inappropriate content and in the long run, lead to addiction.

But one result from the survey that struck me was that 88% of children spent at least 30 minutes on a mobile device PER SITTING. The huge amount of time spent on mobile devices can definitely be spent in a more productive manner, in the form of engaging educational apps.

If you had read my previous post, you will know that Ash adore the Angle Asteroids game which had him blasting oncoming asteroids by adjusting the angle of his spacecraft AND in the process, he learnt more about basic polar coordinate geometry... before it was taught in school. The best part is he doesn't even know that he is learning new stuff while he is enjoying the game! Absolutely better than watching TV cartoons passively, if you ask me.

And with no in-app purchases and advertisements that could lead to adult content, I have peace of mind when I allow my monkies to navigate freely within Samsung KidsTime. I know that their sessions on an electronic device are safe and meaningful, exactly the monitoring features that most parents had indicated they want in the survey above.

To top everything off, I love the fact that parents will have access to a monitoring dashboard, which allows me to see which apps Ash, Ayd or Ale is using most of the time. So not only can I keep tabs on their activities, I also have a comprehensive view of their interests.

By having a deeper understanding of their likes, I can be better involved in the activities they love as well as giving me the opportunity to pinpoint areas where they had not shown a keen interest in. Because at the end of the day, getting to know them better and spending quality time with them while knowing that they are learning within a safe environment is what truly matters.

I have gone through quite a number of educational apps for kids but no app even comes close to what Samsung KidsTime has to offer to both children and parents. There is no doubt that it is currently one of the best apps for kids.

Need a second (or third) opinion? Check out what other parents have to say about Samsung KidsTime!

Of course, nothing beats having the app to try it for yourself. So you will be mightily pleased to know that Samsung KidsTime is FREE to download on your Samsung devices! The FIRST month is free to use so what this means is your child will have access to ALL of the Games and eBooks for free in the first month! A monthly subscription fee of S$6.50 applies after that but guess what? Even if you don’t subscribe, you will always have access to 5 free eBooks and 5 free Apps, as well as your parent reports and safety controls.

To download Samsung KidsTime for FREE, visit Google Play store now and get your one month free access to one of the best apps for kids now! For more details, please visit

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