Dec 3, 2014

Box-ful of Activities for Kids

Product Review

Playing is perhaps the activity that appeals most to kids. And the great thing about it is kids learn so much more simply by just playing. But not all play is created equal, which is why we parents sometimes fret over the planning and thinking of learning-based activities for our kids and on a consistent basis too.

I admit - I am plain lazy when it comes to these kind of things. So you can probably imagine my joy when I found out about Intellibox more than a year ago. The IntelliBox is Singapore's first subscription-based 'Intellectual Development Kit' which is to be delivered right to the doorsteps of parents and is designed to be a monthly kit filled with mini brain-based games, puzzles, worksheets as well as reading notes for parents.

Offered by ThinkersBox, the cognitive training centre where Ash and Ayd recently concluded their weekly lessons, Ale had been religiously completing the past few Intelliboxes and has always been eagerly waiting for the next Intellibox to arrive in the mail!

Before you dismiss the Intellibox as yet another 'box' concept in the market, let me assure you this is one box like no other.

For starters, it is filled with chock-ful of activities targeted at pre-schoolers aged 4 to 7 years old for ONE ENTIRE MONTH. Yes, no more hair-pulling when it comes to planning suitable learning activities for our kids.

The most convenient aspect of the kit is all materials are all provided for, and each activity only requires 5 to 15 minutes of learning time daily. So all parents have to do is to check the corresponding activity on on each day and voila, stress-free activity planning for our children - and effective parent-child bonding time - has never been easier.

Activities that the kids will be tasked to complete range from memory skills, problem-solving techniques, to fine motor and visual recognition skills with each activity having been designed and reviewed by a panel of Early Childhood Educators, Psychologists and Professors.

But the best part of it all? The kids will not suspect they are actually learning, simply because the activities are just so darn fun!

Did I mention the activities are fun? Just ask Ale, who has to fend off attention from Ash and Ayd, who are both above the Intellibox's recommended age group but still find the activities so interesting!

Personally though, I love how the Intellibox saves the hassle of planning of brain-related activities for my monkies. Just take a look at one of the learning props that came with the box.

I can never find the energy or time to go cutting different coloured straws... and don't even get me started on pasting individual pictures on those straws! So the Intellibox is indeed a godsend for parents who do not have time to brainstorm activities, buy materials, and construct learning tools for their kids.

And even though the Intellibox comes with a schedule, Ale doesn't usually follow it sometimes. I usually give her a free rein over the activities depending on her mood and likes. And that is the beauty of the Intellibox - there are actually no fixed rules but the activities are there for the child to explore and do. Even then the activities need not be confined to the home.

I found the Intellibox's contents to be a fantastic life-saver during outings too, when we are dining outside or even on vacation. All I have to do is just bring along some of the items in the box and Ale will be kept occupied.

In fact, she now never fails to remind the wifey or me to complete one Intellibox task every day!

If you are thinking of giving the Intellibox a try, ThinkersBox is offering a fantastic promotion for Cheekiemonkies' readers! Sign up for a 12 months subscription, and receive $15 Popular Vouchers PLUS 1 session of ThinkersBox class (valued at $70).

Parents need to write in to and quote CMDEC14 to receive this promotion. Do note that the code is only valid till 12 Dec 2014.

Due to rising material costs, there will be a slight price increase come 2015:

- 3-month subscription: $155 (from $145)
- 6-month subscription: $265 (from $255)
- 12-month subscription: $455 (from $435)

But GREAT NEWS, you can still pay the OLD price for 2015's subscriptions by signing up by the end of this year!

Visit for more information.

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