Dec 19, 2014

Cebu Pacific Air: More Fun & Upbeat than the Average Budget Airline

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Two weeks have passed since we arrived home from Cebu and all of us still cannot get over how beautiful the place is. We first paid our maiden visit to Cebu in 2011 and we had so much fun that when the chance came for us to visit it once again during this year-end school holidays, it was a no-brainer.

Thanks to the Philippines Department of Tourism and Cebu Pacific Air, we had the time of our lives during our stay in Cebu. Oh, and how can I miss out Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa, the one accommodation that had the monkies not wanting to leave when the time came to go home. But more on that in a later post because every adventure has a beginning, no?

As a pioneer of the 'low fare, great value' strategy in the aviation industry, Cebu Pacific Air - the Philippines' largest national flag carrier - consistently offers low prices throughout the year. Which makes it a great option if you are thinking of flying into the Philippines from Singapore.

Cebu Pacific Air operates daily flights to Cebu and the flight journey takes approximately 3.5 hours. It was to be our first time onboard a Cebu Pacific Air flight and even though it is considered to be a budget airline, I was pleasantly surprised that the interior of the Airbus A319 plane was pretty new and more importantly, clean. In fact, one of the advantages of flying with Cebu Pacific Air is that they operate a relatively young fleet.

In case you did not know, the wifey and I love overnight flights as this means that the monkies will be able to sleep during the flight and awaken once the plane lands in the morning. The best timing to start our Cebu adventure as it is like getting an extra full day's worth of fun.

Considering the fact that it was a budget flight after all, there were no seat screens for entertainment so I guess sleep was probably the wisest choice.

Compared to other budget airlines, the seats were definitely much more comfortable and legroom was more than adequate. Coming from a person of my size, I guess that is saying a lot.

Soon after we took off, the monkies fell into a deep slumber which also meant that our flight journey to Cebu remained uneventful - the best scenario a parent can possibly hope for when travelling with children.

Yes, at least I did not have to administer that bottle of cough syrup.

Speaking of consumables, food and beverages are available for purchase on board. A hot meal costs about S$10.50 and if you pre-book your meal, a free drink is thrown in as well. I did not try the food but I heard the Chicken Adobo is one of their best sellers. As for service, the cabin crew were friendly, prompt and full of smiles throughout the flight.

Our return flight to Singapore was an 8pm one and after days of swimming and snorkeling in the sea, the monkies predictably fell asleep soon after the plane took off. Pure bliss!

And it was during this flight that something unique happened. The cabin crew suddenly conducted an impromptu game of scavenger hunt with the passengers. They had passengers show various items that they requested and the fastest ones got rewarded with Cebu Pacific Air prizes.  

It was my first time experiencing something like this and I thought it was really novel and fun to interact with passengers in this manner.

Aspiring to be more fun and upbeat than the usual budget airline, I guess it is no surprise that the Centre for Aviation (CAPA) recently awarded Cebu Pacific Air the Asia-Pacific Low-Cost Carrier of the Year for 2014.

If you are planning to trip to Cebu, or other parts of the Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air is a great choice for families - and the wallet, especially since the air fares do often form a major bulk of the travel budget!

Stay tuned to our adventures in Cebu! But first, here's a teaser:

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