Dec 30, 2014

Top 10 Posts in 2014

So, yet another year comes to an end.

2015, particularly in January, will be a very special year for us at The wifey started this blog in January 2005 when Ash was born and in a flash, we have been at it for TEN whole years!

I'm sure we will continue to create new memories... just like in 2014, there were some awesome memories such as when I penned my first-ever Foreword for a book, and was featured on TheAsianParent, The New Age Parents and Maybe Baby Singapore. But none of these could be compared to the memories that I forged with my monkies and wifey - and of course, the ones that I had documented which had a hand in shaping our 2014.

10. What it Feels like to be a Parent of 3 Kids
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I guess the animated gif speaks for itself, no? This was definitely one of my most lighthearted entries in 2014 and I guess it resonated with lots of parents as well.

9. How to Survive Dining Out with Kids
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Written for parents, by a parent. Especially one who had gone through the actual ordeal of dining out with my monkies. To restaurants. With other humans in them.

8. Top Penang Activities For Kids
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Did I mention we LOVE Penang? Other than the obvious tantalising food options, Penang is a fantastic place to travel to with children in tow. With so many kids-friendly places to visit, the major complaint from our travelling buddies and us is "Why is our Penang holiday so darn short???"

7. Why Changi Airport is More Fun for Kids than Shopping Malls
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Changi Airport is chock full of activities for children - many of which are free! - and families can easily spend more than half a day shuttling the public spaces between three terminals. So if you are intending to bring your kids down to Changi Airport for a day's worth of fun, this list is going to be a lifesaver. No passport required.

6. Parenting Confessions of a Cheekiemonkie Dad
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Much as I strive to be the perfect Parent, I am only human. More accurately, I am a guy. Yes, that minor detail inadvertently hinders my efforts to earn the accolade of 'Parent of the Year'. Because there are things that I must do, short-cuts that I must take in order to get through my days as a parent.

5. A Singapore Beach Getaway: Lazarus & Seringat Islands
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Can't believe this stretch of beach can be reached without stamping your passport? Neither did we, until we set foot on Lazarus Island.

4. How We Cope with Three Kids
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For the past three years, one of the most common comments that the wifey and I get is, “I don’t know how both of you do it with three kids!" Well after this post, I hope they do know now!

3. Farm Stay in Johor, Malaysia: KOREF Resort
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This was truly a farm stay like no other. It was simple kampung living at best, but it had that inexplicable rustic charm to it. Those who love to be a part of nature will definitely find the resort a prefect getaway, with no electronic devices or any other distractions that are tied to city life.

2. All I'll Ever Need is You
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A heartfelt post that I penned for the wifey for Valentine's Day. Beyond the mushiness, I also revealed a never-been-shared ordeal that the both of us went through before we had the 3 monkies. Suffice to say, we are blessed that we are still alive today.

1. 12 Places in Singapore to Bring your Children Before They Grow Up
Read it HERE

Okay, so this was easily the MOST read cheekiemonkie blog post for 2014. I don't know if it constituted in going viral or not but this post had more then 2,500 shares on Facebook, with more than 200,000 views since May 2014. Which goes to show that parents are always on the constant lookout for great places to bring their kids to.

And as we welcome 2015, I would like to say a big Thank You to you, our dear readers for your support all these while. HAPPY NEW YEAR, and here's wishing you and your loved ones an amazing year ahead. Bring on 2015!

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Sandbox Advisors said...

What a wonderful way to end the year - with 10 of the best posts. Wonderful memories and plenty of hope for next year!

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