Jan 3, 2015

My 10 Wishes for Ash on his 10th Birthday

10 years old. Double digits.

My goodness, how did 10 years fly by in a flash? I simply cannot believe it.

I will never forget the first time Ash was placed in my arms. Here was this newborn that I cradled in my arms, cementing my status as a freshly-minted Dad. 10 years later, and he reminds me how far both of us has come as a son and Dad respectively.

But the truth is, every day that passes just makes it harder and harder for me to admit that he is growing up. But even then, there are still reminders that he is my little boy. He still loves snuggling on my tummy while watching TV, and it means the whole world to me. I would never ever wish an injury upon him but having the power to make his pain go away a teeny bit just by kissing it makes me feel like Superman. I also realize that my superhero time is running short.

So today on Ash’s birthday, I want to wish him 10 things for the years ahead:

1. I wish he always shares the same bond with his siblings. This is probably one of my greatest wishes. Ash is the Papa Bear over Ayd and Ale, and I think he just might be the best brother in the world that anyone can have. And long may that continue.

2. I wish him to always have that sense of true happiness in life. Because all the success in the world counts for nothing if he does not find the good and fun and happiness in everything.

3. I wish him to always be confident in his own skin. I pray he never loses that confidence in life with anything.

4. I wish him to always remember that family always comes first. I don’t care what happens between now and whatever age he is, nothing is more important than family.

5. I wish for him to always know that we just want the best for him. We want the world for him and I want him to always keep that thought.

6. I wish for him to know I will never stop being here for him. I may not always say it but I am always proud of him, no matter what he does. I don't think I am supposed to over-praise him so that he will learn to want more from himself but I am happy with him just the way he is.

7. I wish him to find his passion. No matter who he becomes in future, everything is awesome as long he is having a blast.

8. I wish for him to always take pride in his work, and to put in 100% in everything he does. Never mind the result, as long as he puts in the effort with the correct attitude.

9. I wish for him to always know that hugs and kisses are always here for him. At any time of the day. Guaranteed. Confirm plus chop.

10. I wish for Ash - most importantly - to always know what it feels like to be loved. He is loved by not only the wifey and me, but also by his both sets of grandparents. I want him to remember he can always feel safe in knowing that he is loved by everyone in the family.

There are no words to describe how proud I am of him and everything he has and will continue to accomplish. I had to fight off a few tears while writing this post but I have never felt like more of a man.

Happy 10th Birthday, son. Here’s to many more!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ash!!!

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