Feb 24, 2015

Our CNY 羊ear of the Goat Celebrations!

There is something I always do every year whenever it is Chinese New Year - I re-read some of the CNY posts that I had written over the past few years, like my very first CNY post when Ash was just slightly over a month old. 

The posts serve to remind me how fast the monkies are actually growing up, as well as how much my parents have aged all these years. But at least something has not changed a bit: all of us still make it a point to capture some goofy shots during the first day of the Lunar New Year!

Our house visiting routine has not deviated much, with the entire family being congregated first thing in the morning for our mandatory cheekiemonkie family photo-taking session.

Then we were off to my parents' place, where the monkies partake in another family tradition that I have grown up doing - serving tea to our elders.

Oh, and collecting those red packets of course!

This year, the monkies' cousin also clamoured to be part of the action too!

And you can be sure it will always be a rowdy affair when the four of them get together.

We then head off to my in-laws' place, where we continue our - what else - feasting and merry-making.

Like all previous years, we ended Day 1 of CNY with visits to both the wifey's and my grandmother's place.

After our Day 1 exertions, the next few days seemed pretty mild. Yes, there were the usual family photo-taking moments but overall, we had fewer places to visit. But no, the monkies could not escape from the usual family photo-taking!

Having fewer places to visit during Day 2 allowed us some time to whisk the monkies off to the National Museum's Open House where there are 2 current exhibitions that are well-worth bringing kids to. But more on that in a future post!

We even had time to drop by at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, where it was also having its own Open House. And yes, you guessed it - read all the fun the monkies had HERE.

We then visited 2 of my uncles' and aunties' houses after that, and continued with a gathering with the wifey's relatives on Day 3 where the feasting inevitably continued.

Day 3 was also the day the monkies looked forward to the most, as they were reunited with their buddies. The adults even managed to get together for a lohei session.

I think come next year, we need a larger table. Heh.

When the kiddos finally played their fill, it was close to midnight so it was no surprise that Day 4 would see us spending most of the day at home. Save for a dim sum brekkie and a visit to the temple to pay our respects to our deceased grandparents, it was a day of recuperation... and wondering how on earth did the long weekend pass by so darn fast???

But overall, it had been a great 4 days worth of CNY fun for everyone. Now, we have the March School Holidays to look forward to!

Hope you enjoyed your Chinese New Year with your family and friends too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there

Very cute matching blue dresses on your wife and daughter! May I know where it is from? I would love to take a look :)


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Irene,

Thanks for your compliments!

The matching dresses were from here:

Hope it helps! :)

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